10 Books You Must Read For Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Are you constantly trying to overcome your mental and physical trauma? Reading can help you achieve that for sure. There are times when we don’t want to discuss our mental and physical struggles publicly but, at the same time, need help to get through. If you are at the same stage in your life and desperately searching for a helping hand, these 10 best books on healthy lifestyle can be your perfect companion! Let’s start with # 1!

Hope and Help for Your Nerves: End Anxiety Now

Anxiety and panic attacks wane you mentally and impact your physical health, career, and growth. If you are working on your intrusive nature, the book ‘Hope and Help for Your Nerves’ could be a good-fit read.

The author, Dr Claire Weekes, has penned down how you can understand the symptoms of your anxiety and treat them with care. She shared her own experience of dealing with repetitive thoughts, explaining how the readers calm themselves down.

Own Your Self

Nobody except you can understand the inner battle you are fighting. Sometimes, our mental illness cannot be resolved or fixed. If you see yourself in the same condition, make sure to read ‘Own Your Self’ by the holistic psychiatrist Kelly Brogan.

This is one of the best books on healthy lifestyles where the writer has tried to convey the message that to heal your mental health, you need to accept what can’t be undone and move on. She also explained ways the readers can do so.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Speaking of the best books on learning, the one called ‘Maybe You Should Talk to Someone’ should definitely be on your reading list. Are you someone who always feels nervous to initiate a conversation, even with your therapist? Then this book can change your life for sure!

The famous Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb has illustrated how an incident changed her life from a therapist to a therapy seeker. The purpose of the book is to tell the readers that there is no wrong in asking for help.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Are you lately feeling less productive or lethargic in doing even a simple task? Then make ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People,’ your partner for a while. Marked as one of the best books on healthy lifestyle, this book can help you stay more organized, effective, and workaholic, preventing burnouts.

Stephen R. Covey, the author of the book, has demonstrated 7 key habits that can transform your life, and bringing a positive impact on your career development. The book mainly revolves around a self-care formula, balancing your life and duties.

The Fitness Mindset

Want to reduce those extra few inches but cannot stick to your strict diet and exercise routine? Reading ‘The Fitness Mindset’ by Brian Keane can keep you motivated, encouraging you to incorporate healthy eating habits, exercise routines, and sleeping patterns, supporting your fitness and personal development. Through this book, the fitness expert Brian Keane recommends that users they can spend more time in the gym, stay energetic to take on tough exercise challenges, and eat healthy.

Loving Bravely 

The thumb rule to stay mentally and physically fit and healthy is self-loving. If you want to enhance your self-esteem and overcome your weaknesses and fears, Loving Bravely could be a great read for you. The author, Alexandra H. Solomon, has deeply expressed how self-love itself is a motivation. She explained that self-love can keep you happier, strengthening your relationship with your loved ones.

Emtional First Aid

When you are happy from the inside, it reflects in your appearance, physical health, and overall well-being. Emotional First Aid, one of the best books on healthy lifestyle, can work as an ointment for your emotional trauma, healing you from the roots.

The book’s author, Guy Winch, is a licensed psychologist who explained that internal pain might not be visible, but it does not make it any less traumatic or painful. The book can help you escape your emotional trauma, initiating a fresh start.

The One-Minute Workout

There are lots of individuals who once used to be fitness freaks but now hardly manage any time to exercise. If you are one among them and need some motivation to get started again, read ‘The One-Minute Workout. Martin Gibala has given the readers an insight into 8 basic interval workouts that can keep you fit and do not consume much time.

Your Happiness Toolkit  

If you are looking for some of the best books on learning ways to stay happy and content, give a read to this book. Carrie M. Wrigley, a well-established counselor, focuses on addressing depression and ways to treat it. The book consists of a total of 16 key tools that can help you find happiness in treating your depression and anxiety.


If you have started practicing yoga recently and want to learn more about it, the book Breathwork could be your ideal read. Written by the famous Yoga instructor Valerie Moselle, the book can help you find fruitful ways of incorporating meditation and breathing exercises in your everyday life.

The book has a well-elaborated manual defining the advantages of practicing yoga and how it can assist you in connecting with your inner self and finding peace.

Final Words 

Reading the best books on healthy lifestyles can gradually elevate your mood, mental health, and physical wellbeing. Hopefully, these 10 books will help you overcome the mental and physical anomalies you are dealing with and head towards a bright tomorrow. So, pick your favorite one from the list and board on your self-improvement journey today!

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