10 Marketing Tips Using Musical Greeting Cards

Understanding the marketing using musical cards better: Have you ever wondered what it would be if business cards had music being played when sent? Or how about not sending business, but custom-made musical cards? Musical greeting cards are effective, innovative marketing technology that uses videos, AR or augmented reality, and other innovative technology that will help businesses to grow at a galloping pace. Some of the eminent marketing tips are listed below which can help business to prosper in the long run.

10 useful marketing tips to keep in mind

  • Promote your business: Musical greeting cards are the new marketing tool in town! You must have heard about referral marketing, or word-of-mouth marketing right? Well, using musical business cards you can talk about the mission and goals of your business, and sell ideas to your customer.
  • Cost effective: Musical greeting cards are cost-effective marketing and handling tips as they just require basic magnetic reeds and appropriate magnets to function. Hence when you send the music card, and begin a new business marketing venture it starts on a melodious tone.
  • Emerging marketing tool: Using custom musical greeting cards is useful as they can be personalized. There is no formal structure or template, hence you can choose your own preference and style. So be creative and innovative and make the most of the musical greeting cards.
  • A creative tool: You can go wild in terms of creativity as far as musical greeting cards are concerned. Say in the previous custom musical greeting cards you added chimes, try something different, or play with the color scheme if you feel so.
  • Adds a personal touch: A custom musical greeting card is always helpful in adding a personal touch. It tells a lot what your taste in music, and tends to create an impression on the client. Your emotional intelligence and stability are revealed and clients get to know about you.
  • Gestures of appreciation and thankfulness: Business transactions have now music cards used for thanks giving. Recall something like your favorite co-worker or the most supportive manager is embarking on different ventures. What could be that one thing that reminds them of you? Musical greeting cards are a unique way of giving thanks. You can also send musical cards to your business mates and consultants and wish them on their future endeavors and achievements.
  • Entails augmented reality: This is somewhat of a Snapchat and Pokémon Go concept that helps you interact with marketing your business effectively. With its ability to interface interaction, you can sell and talk about the USP of your product, and give a promising picture of the product you wish to sell.
  • Mail and packaging: Now that you know that custom musical cards are personalized, you can use different technologies and applications to make the cards attractive, write texts, and beautify the musical card. Also, this adds to the contact management as you tend to send more than one business card, this will help the opposite of your business to be updated about you throughout.
  • Sample requesting: Musical greeting cards can also be used for collaboration where your business venture can be marketed by companies that procure music cards. All you need to do is to collaborate and request a sample from them. You can later decide once you see that sample business cards suit your business endeavors.
  • Business engagement: In your entire business lifespan, you send multiple business cards, when you successfully develop your business rapport, business opportunities may flock to you and you can increase your business engagement.

 In Focus: Target group or audience

The design of your custom musical greeting cards must be in line with your target audience. What is your business all about? What are the ethics and morals of your brand? Which age group constitutes your direct customer base? All these must be kept in mind when you design your musical greeting card.   

In Focus: Aesthetics and Sound Quality

Remember, just designing anything is not going to cut it in this incredibly competitive market. You need to be very much in tune with what your audience will appreciate, so design your card accordingly. In general, simplistic designs are all the rage, so leverage that style as much as possible in your card design. Also, remember that the card will already be musical, so avoid too many design elements to prevent a sensory overload.

How do you find them?

There are various companies and organization that help you to find and look for developing your business with musical cards. Find them on LinkedIn, and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They are just one Google search away.


Marketing can be tedious and a crucial process while transacting business. We know that business cards have done half of our job for marketing our business. But what is surprising is the intervention of the custom musical greeting cards which help in making the marketing process interesting, enhance business engagements, and add a personal touch to your venture. Using this creative tool effectively can help your business be far-reaching and fulfilling.

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