6 Best FPS Games Rated E For Everyone

Most first-person shooter (FPS) games automatically receive a mature rating, but the following games make the most of their 17+ ESRB grade.

The FPS genre is all about shooting things with guns. This means that there is already a lot of blood and violence in these games. So, it’s hard to find a lot of popular FPS games that the ESRB says are okay for kids to play. Most current FPS games, like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Spec Ops: The Line, are rated Mature (M) 17+ by the ESRB.

The next question is which FPS games make the best use of these scores. This doesn’t mean the best FPS games in general. It means the best FPS games that are rated M and use the M grade to tell a good story or have fun gameplay. It goes without saying that most of these games are aggressive just by being what they are.

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