A Brief Description of Gear Cutting Tools Manufacturers India

A Brief Description of Gear Cutting Tools Manufacturers India

Any machining operation used to make gear is known as gear cutting. It is a very important part of a machine. Some most popular gear-cutting techniques are as:

  • Hobbing
  • Broaching
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Forging
  • Extruding
  • investment casting
  • sand casting

These are a few examples of forming techniques that may be followed by or substituted for by these cutting procedures.


The process of hobbing entails cutting teeth into a blank with a hob. On CNC gear hobbing machines, we gear hob with a master hob or index hob to cut gears, wheels, pinions, shafts, and worms. The hob profile is transferred to the gear blank by simultaneously rotating the cutter and the gear blank. Used frequently for manufacturing runs of all sizes, but it performs best for medium to high. Straight, helical, straight bevel, face, crowned, worm, Clyro, and chamfering are the hobbing features for gears.


Using a numbered gear cutter, any indexing head, or a rotary table, a spur can be cut or ground on a milling machine or jig grinder. The number of teeth in the gear that needs to be cut determines how many gear cutters are needed. When making gears, a variety of cutter types are employed. One shapes racks. These are parallel to the gear and travel in that direction, while the gear is straight. They have six to twelve teeth, and eventually, to make another cut, they must be moved back to the starting place.

Finishing: The after is given a finishing by lapping, shaving, burnishing, honing, grinding, etc.

Other materials used in making gears

Metal, plastic, and wood are frequently used to make gears. Although there is a sizable market for gear cutting, many metal and plastic gears are produced without cutting using techniques like die casting or injection molding. Some metal gears created by powder metallurgy need to be machined afterward, while others are finished after sintering. Depending on the purpose, gears manufactured of metal or plastic using additive manufacturing may or may not need to be finished by cutting.

Uses of gears

There are many uses for gears. But its two main works are to increase speed and increase force. For instance, more effort needs to be exerted on the pedals to raise the speed of a bicycle’s wheels. Similar to this, the pedals must be turned more quickly to increase the force on the wheels. Although gears are frequently used in numerous systems, they are most readily identifiable in our daily lives in the vehicles we drive. In order to transmit power properly and safely from the engine to the wheels, cars must employ gears.

When riding a bicycle, the same principle of gears applies; when going uphill, lower gears are needed to provide more energy to counteract the pull of gravity, and once the rider is back on flat ground, they can switch to higher gears to increase their bicycle’s speed.

Manufacturers in India

Producers of gear-cutting tools are numerous, especially in India. As the IT sector in India is growing at a rapid pace, the technologies are getting better over time.

There are many top-gear-cutting tool manufacturers India. From big to small, you can find a variety.

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