A foodie travel guide to Kerala from Chennai: Exploring local cuisines within the state

Kerala, known as the land of spices. Anyone can plan with travel guide to Kerala from Chennai for best trip. In short, this is a food lovers paradise with its flavorful cuisine. Plan a best Chennai to Kerala tour packages to enjoy nice moments. Above all, embark on a culinary journey from Chennai to Kerala.

There is an abundance of local dishes to explore. In this foodie travel guide, you will enjoy a gastronomic thrill through Kerala. There are many must try dishes. All these dishes will delight your taste buds. Enjoy a nice time at this charming place of India.

1: Kickstart with a Traditional Kerala Breakfast

Begin your culinary exploration in Kerala by indulging in a traditional breakfast spread. During the journey, taste the iconic Appam. This is a fluffy and lacy rice pancake with a crispy edge. Above all, it is served with a variety of accompaniments.

Try it with the creamy coconut milk based vegetable stew called Ishtu. In short, this is the best one to try during the journey. Enjoy your trip with travel guide to Kerala from Chennai. Enjoy all the moments at this heaven of India.

During the journey, do not miss to try the Puttu. This is a cylindrical steamed rice cake made with grated coconut. Above all, often paired with a side of Kadala Curry. Enjoy a delectable black chickpea curry in a thick coconut gravy.

For a unique twist, sample the Mutta Paratha. This is a flavorful egg stuffed paratha bread. Explore all the nice places and enjoy delish food of this place. So, just plan and enjoy with travel guide to Kerala from Chennai.

2: Dive into the Bountiful Seafood Selection

Keralas coastal location offers an impressive array of fresh and mouthwatering seafood dishes. Visit coastal towns like Alleppey, Kovalam or Fort Kochi.

In short, these places are best to experience the best of Keralas seafood. During the journey, enjoy all the flavors of the delish food. There are a number of food dishes what you can try.

There are many nice dishes what you can try. During the journey, indulge in the best Kerala style fish curry for a nice experience. Above all, this curry is prepared with the catch of the day. Moreover, this is simmered in a tangy and spicy gravy.

This gravy is made from coconut, tamarind and a blend of aromatic spices. For a unique seafood experience, try the Karimeen Pollichathu. This dish made with pearl spot fish, wrapped in banana leaf, and grilled to perfection. The flavors are enhanced by the smoky aroma imparted by the banana leaf.

3: Delight in the Vegetarian Delicacies

This place has many nice dishes what you can try. Enjoy Keralas vegetarian cuisine what is equally rich and diverse. Do not miss the opportunity to indulge in a traditional Kerala Sadya.

This is a sumptuous feast served on a banana leaf. In short, this place is also best for veg lovers. During the journey, explore all the nice places to enjoy best veg dishes. In short, enjoy some best moments at this heaven of India.

This elaborate meal comprises a variety of vegetarian dishes. In short, it includes Avial, Thoran, Sambar and a selection of pickles and papadums. Sadya is the Payasam, a sweet rice pudding flavored with cardamom and garnished with nuts.

Above all, this dish is served as a finale to the feast. During the journey, you can try many dishes. If you want to make your trip a best one then try all yummy dishes. Enjoy all the moments as you like.

4: Experience Unique Street Food Delights

As you explore the busy streets of Kerala, immerse yourself in the local street food. In short, sample the delectable Kerala Parotta. This is a flaky and layered bread often served with spicy mutton curry.

Above all, indulge in the aromatic Malabar Biryani. This dish is a fragrant rice dish cooked with spices and tender meat. After enjoying all the places, enjoy all these best dishes. Explore all kind of places during the journey.

For a quick snack, try Pazham Pori. This is ripe banana fritters dipped in a light batter and deep fried. Above all, another street food favorite is the Kozhikode Halwa.

This is a sticky and sweet delicacy made from wheat flour, ghee and jaggery. In short, it is flavored with cardamom and garnished with cashews and raisins. This dish is really nice to try. During the journey, explore all the best places with enjoying many nice dishes.

5: Savor Sweet Endings

Complete your foodie journey with Kerala’s delectable sweet treats. Treat yourself to the creamy and aromatic Palada Payasam. This is a rice and milk based dessert. Above all, this dish is infused with the flavors of cardamom and garnished nuts.

In short, you can indulge in Kerala Banana Fritters. In this dish, ripe bananas are dipped in a sweet batter and deep fried. For a unique experience, try the Ela Ada, a steamed rice pancake. Moreover, this dish is wrapped in a banana leaf and bursting with flavors.


A culinary exploration of Kerala from Chennai unveils a world of unique dishes. Enjoy a nice breakfast, seafood, vegetarian delicacies and street food. In short, Kerala offers a best gastronomic adventure. Above all, immerse yourself in the rich and diverse local cuisines.

Moreover, it allows your taste buds to be tantalized by the blend of spices. Embark on this foodie travel guide and let the deliciousness of Kerala’s cuisine. This journey will leave you with lasting memories. So, just plan and enjoy a nice time of your life at this place.

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