Arlo App Keeps Logging Me Out. What To Do?

How to Fix the Arlo App that Keeps Logging Out?

Is the Arlo secure app giving you trouble? Do you keep getting logged out of the app? We can help you with this. Have you tried updating the app? This is one of the most reliable solutions that worked for many users who were struggling with this issue.

There are many reasons that the Arlo app keeps logging you out. So there are different solutions for each cause that have been discussed in this post. If you have an Arlo camera setup done at your home and you keep logging out of the Arlo app, then keep reading ahead to find the solution for this issue.

How to Fix the Arlo App that Keeps Logging Out?

Before you go for the troubleshooting part, we suggest you check the internet connection at your home. The WiFi signals should be stable and the internet speed should be good. We recommend you fix any internet-related issue first and then if this does not get the issue resolved, try the solutions given ahead:

Update the Arlo App

Consider updating the Arlo secure app to the most recent version if you haven’t updated it for a long time. The app should be up to date to perform well. To update the app, head to the Play Store or the App Store on your phone on which the app is installed and install updates right away. As soon as the app gets updated, see if the issue has been fixed or not.

Reboot your Phone

Rebooting the phone is one of the best solutions if you are facing any issues with any app installed on it. Rebooting helps remove any glitches from it. Without wasting any further minutes, reboot your mobile phone now. Once the phone boots up, launch the Arlo app and see if you still keep logging out of it.

Restart the Arlo Camera

Are you still struggling with the same issue? Why don’t you restart your Arlo camera now? Perhaps it is a glitch with the camera due to which you keep logging out from the app. Restarting the camera will be helpful here. Power off the camera and unplug its power cable from the wall outlet. In case it is battery operated camera then remove the batteries from the battery compartment.

After waiting for some time, insert the batteries again or plug in the camera. Power it on. Launch the Arlo secure app now. Make sure that batteries are sufficiently charged and the wall socket that you have used to supply power to the camera is not damaged.

Reconnect the Arlo Camera to the Router

A poor or unstable connection between the Arlo camera and the router can also be the reason why you are facing an issue with your Arlo app. If the camera is not receiving good WiFi signals then you know why you keep disconnecting from the app.

Fix this connection now. Try to connect the Arlo camera to the internet connection once again and see if it helps

Delete and Reinstall the Arlo App

If the app keeps signing out even after trying all the hacks given in this post, then you need to delete the Arlo app from the phone. Long press on the app icon and uninstall it now. After that, reboot your phone once again and then go to the Application Store of your phone. Download and install the Arlo secure app once again.

Once the app is installed, launch it a sign in again using the Arlo dashboard login credentials.

Wrap Up

We expect the Arlo secure app issue has been fixed by applying the fixes given in this post. You can now log in to your Arlo app without any issues and tweak the camera settings as you feel like.

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