Beginner’s Guide: Should You Start Preparing for a Government Exam

Wherever you go, you only hear one thing right now that life is so difficult these days. People are struggling to put something even nutritious to eat on their plates. It’s probably better if you don’t ask for problems in other people’s lives. The only people who won’t seem in stress, like other people, are government employees. Government jobs provide the best prospects for surviving better than private employees. Therefore, the demand for government jobs has been increasing from the beginning. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, private employees struggled a great deal. People were jobless and hoping for the future to be better than yesterday. On the contrary, medicine practitioners and government employees harvested the perks of timely payment and other benefits. Also, this article is not to make you feel sympathetic about the pandemic. That is something you should have felt when it was. 

Now that we realise the importance of being on our feet, it makes us rethink the life decisions that shape our future. If you are looking for some quality article reading, this article will make you understand life from other perspectives. Speaking of quality, you can join the SSC Coaching Institute if you’re preparing for a government exam.

Read this article to gain some knowledge and motivation if you’re preparing for a government exam:

Do You Need a Government Job?

Firstly, it’s not always the best if you have a hectic job that pays you decently. Sometimes people are born for extraordinary deeds. Secondly, it’s not a necessity to have a government position to make you happy. If you have to do something not in your area of interest, then you better not do it. Also, get to know what duties a government employee has to pursue. If you don’t find them intriguing because you have a business mentality, start a business instead. A government job is like your life partner. Therefore, keep your conscience clear about wanting it.

Competent Nature

You are wasting time preparing for a government exam if, in your class, you were not a brainy student. Most government jobs require abundant hard work and smartness to acquire them. Therefore, find your actual abilities and interests that can push you to a brighter future. The competition is getting harsh due to the increasing population. One must excel at the skill they have mastered from their life experience. Moreover, considering others as more skillful than oneself will help you prepare for the worst competition. 

Vacancies & Exam Pattern

The competition is tough, and vacancies are fewer. It results in more disappointments as lakhs of aspirants appear, and only a few are lucky. Also, new exam patterns may be easier to understand, but questions are still from the textbooks with the same reasoning. Moreover, the results are available shortly after the exams than in the past years. 

Let’s Discuss Some Positive Aspects:

Work-life Equilibrium

Government employees can readily balance their professional and personal lives. It is due to the government sector’s fixed working hours. Therefore, they can appreciate their private space with their friends or family. Government employees, except police and army, also enjoy occasional leaves.

On-Time Paycheck

Another advantage of working for the government is receiving a salary on a set date regardless of whether the economy is in recession or thriving. In any of these scenarios, you will receive a timely paycheck, either on the last business day of the month or the first day of the following month. In contrast, in the case of private employment, the salary is broadly dependent on the company’s profit. And don’t forget the pension.

Medical Facilities and Lodging Accommodation

In a time when quality healthcare is a luxury, a medical facility can be a benefit for government employees. As a government employee, you need not fret about medical expenses, as the government is responsible for covering medical costs for you and your family. In Tier 1 cities, where renting a house is quite expensive and burns a hole in the pockets of private sector employees, public sector employees are legally secure due to the HRA they receive or the government quarters they get.

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A government position in the public sector offers job security, a fixed pay structure, limited working hours, and a reasonable opportunity for promotion and raise. Therefore, it will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone seeking government employment due to the upcoming opening vacancies. So, good luck with the exam you’re going to appear for.

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