Benefits of Pure and Natural Opal Gemstone

The Opal stone is a gem that grants the wishes of the human heart. It has a white pearly glow and a colorful rainbow-like display on its surface. It is known as the ‘Queen of Gems’ and has many advantages for the wearer. It is influenced by the planet Venus or Shukra. There are three main kinds of opal stones – Fire Opal, Common Opal, and Precious Opal.

Some people think that the Opal is the ‘Patron of Thieves’ and that it can make the wearer invisible. The true meaning is that the Opal stone shields the wearer from hostile forces. It is a good present for pregnant women as it helps them relax, overcome depression, avoid bad dreams, and create positive energy. It also helps the wearer connect with their spirituality and become more aware of themselves and the universe. This stone improves the wearer’s thoughts and feelings, making them clearer and more logical. The opal stone also helps the wearer cope with negativity and shows them their unwanted emotions.

Benefits of Opal Gemstone

Opal Stone is a precious stone that originates from the Latin word “opalus”. It has the power to bring out personal qualities and positive traits. It can also reflect a person’s thoughts, desires, feelings, and emotions. Negative feelings and emotions are also reflected by Natural Opal Stone, even if they are not pleasant or comfortable.

Wearing this Stone will make you more optimistic; Opal’s metaphysical and spiritual healing properties help you connect with your spirituality. It is the traditional and modern birthstone for people born in October. Wearing this Stone can improve your relationships in your personal and professional life. It has different types and helps you balance, trust, release fear, and feel comforted.

Opal is a gemstone with mystical properties that can change its colors based on the health of its wearer. If the wearer is mildly ill, the gemstone turns a dull gray color. If the wearer is seriously ill or has an accident, the gemstone turns into a sickly yellow color.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing an Opal Stone

The Natural opal gemstone is governed by the planet Venus. Venus symbolizes love, passion, and creativity. Therefore, it is believed that the person who wears this gemstone will experience these qualities here are the Astrological Benefits of wearing natural Opal gemstone.

Also, the opal stone improves the communication skills of its wearer. And so it helps the wearer overcome any challenges that might be blocking his way to success.

Moreover, this gemstone enhances the imagination and the creative thinking powers of the wearer which allows the person to open his mind. Hence, this stone is very beneficial for those who are in the artistic industry like artists, writers, musicians, producers, etc.

It also promotes the positive traits of the wearer and will bring balance to their life.

Price And Quality Opal Stone

The quality and variety of opal determine its price. Fire opal is a type of opal that ranges from Rs 900 to Rs 5000 per carat. It is valued for its fiery nature, and if it lacks fire, it is probably fake or of low quality. The presence of cracked opal indicates that it has dried out. Opal can be translucent or opaque, with a waxy shine.

Opal has different colors, but the ones with the most fire are the best. Some examples of opal are white, black, water, crystal, milk, fire, boulder, contra luz, moss, hydrophane, geyserite, jasper, prase, menilite, liver, resin, iron, wax, and star opal. Natural opal is very rare, beautiful, and expensive. However, some opal stones are heated and made in laboratories. These are low-quality and artificial. There are also twin opals, which are made by gluing a thin layer of good opal on a bad one. Always buy certified opal from experts who can verify its quality.

Wrapping up

The opal gemstone is a beautiful and powerful stone that can bring many benefits to the wearer. It can grant the heart’s wishes, enhance communication skills, improve relationships, and change colors according to the wearer’s health. It is influenced by the planet Venus, which represents love, passion, and creativity. It is the birthstone for people born in October. It comes in different varieties and colors, but the ones with the most fire are the best. The quality and price of opal depend on its type, color, and fire. Natural opal is rare and expensive, while synthetic opal is cheap and low-quality. One should always buy certified opal from experts who can check its quality. Opal is a gemstone that can bring joy, balance, and spirituality to the wearer.

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