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Top Web App Developers in Calgary - 2023 Reviews

In today’s technologically advanced world, successful firms must have a strong online presence. Web applications have become the backbone of numerous industries, offering seamless user experiences, efficient operations, and increased customer engagement. For a successful web application expertise, creativity, and attention are important. That’s where the best web application development company in Calgary comes into play, ensuring that your digital dreams turn into reality.Calgary is home to several outstanding web application development companies.

To assist you in your search, we’ve compiled this list of the top web development companies in Calgary.

List of Best 5 web application development company in calgary

  • Plavno

Plavno emerges as a leading software development company in Calgary, offering a wide range of services and expertise in various domains. They offer access to highly skilled and experienced remote senior IT experts who can become an integral part of your development team to achieve the best results. Plavno can put their knowledge and skills into action to bring your vision to reality.

Company Size – 50 – 249 employees

Contact, 46 67884834 44, [email protected]

  • Tech To U Inc.

Tech To U improving businesses through effective IT support, services, and security measures. Their offerings ensure that your IT infrastructure remains robust, secure, and aligned with your business goals. Protect your company from cyber attacks by conducting a comprehensive security assessment.

They identify deficiencies in your network and provide effective solutions to keep it secure. Tech To U offers backup solutions for Microsoft Office 365 and G-suite also they have a knowledgeable team that offers reliable network solutions, ensuring efficient data management and backup.

Company Size – 10 – 49 employees 



[email protected]

+1 877-730-8324

  • Iversoft

Iversoft builds custom, mobile-first software designed to make your life easier. They do designing and building easy-to-manage software solutions that elevate the way companies have. They believe that software should simplify your life, not complicate it. That’s why they design solutions with a focus on intuitive interfaces, efficient workflows, and seamless integrations.

Company Size – 10 – 49 employees 


(587) 885-1064

[email protected]

  • Digia Technology

Having a reliable and proficient software development partner is essential for businesses to thrive nowadays. That’s where Digia Technology comes in. As a full-cycle software development company, they are committed to providing efficient and unique solutions that help businesses grow and succeed. With offices based in Canada and Eastern Europe, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking top-notch software development services.

Company Size – 50 – 249 employees

Contact: visit website

Schedule a call and discuss everything in detail.

  •  Launchcode

As a full-service development company, Launchcode specializes in creating cutting-edge products for startups and industry leaders, helping them stay ahead of the competition. They delve deep into your objectives, market dynamics, and user needs to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project’s potential. Launchcode understands that every project has its highs and lows, and we are committed to navigating through them together. By partnering with them, you gain access to our in-house services that accelerate your business growth. 

Company Size – 50 – 249 employees

Contact: [email protected]

These businesses stand out as the top ones in their respective industries when it comes to web application development in Calgary. These businesses offer the knowledge and experience to realize your digital visions, whether you require a customized solution, user-centric design, cutting-edge technology, scalability, or end-to-end development services. By choosing the best web application development company in Calgary, you can ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition, engages customers effectively, and achieves sustainable growth in the digital world. Choosing a right web development company is very important. We wish you all the best for your upcoming project.

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Choosing the best web development company requires some research and consideration.

Here are simple steps to guide you:

  • Identify your needs: Determine what you want from your website and the specific features you require.
  • Look for experience: Check the company’s portfolio to see their previous work and if they have experience in your industry.
  • Read reviews and testimonials: See what their clients say about their services to gauge their reliability.
  • Consider expertise: Ensure the company has skilled developers proficient in the technologies you need.
  • Check communication: Good communication is essential, so make sure they are responsive and attentive.
  • Discuss timelines and costs: Get clear estimates and timelines before starting the project.
  • Evaluate customer support: Check if they offer ongoing support after the website is launched.
  • Look for creativity: Seek a company that can bring fresh ideas and creativity to your project.
  • Confirm ownership: Ensure you’ll have full ownership of the website and its code.
  • Compare prices: Balance quality and cost, choosing a company that fits your budget while delivering value.
  • Trust your instincts: Choose a company you feel comfortable working with and can trust with your project.

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