Can an eCommerce Website Agency Help Improve Conversion Rates?

Your eCommerce website’s conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that take a desired action on your website.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of improving a website’s interface to generate the highest possible conversion rate.

Also known as CRO, it can improve your website’s performance and bring in more revenue. Here’s how an eCommerce website agency can potentially improve your website.

Improve Site Speeds and Navigation

An eCommerce website agency that offers eCommerce website development services as a component of CRO services can help improve page load speeds and overall site performance.

They can also integrate new search tools to help visitors find the products they want to buy.

Promote Best-Sellers Prominently

Sometimes online businesses get the bulk of their sales through just a few main products. Displaying these prominently on your website can help drive sales.

It’s a simple project for some eCommerce businesses but when working with a web design agency for CRO they can make a very UX-optimized feature to push visitors towards those products.

Develop “Buy Now” Functionality

Something as simple as a “Buy Now” button for an eCommerce store’s product or category pages eliminates substantial barriers to conversions.

An eCommerce website design and development agency can easily code this functionality if it is not native to your platform.

Use Bold CTAs

Including a CTA, or call to action, on your website, specifically on your category and product pages, can help drive conversions.

Something as simple as “buy now” or “purchase here” will show customers that they can buy through your website and encourage them to do so.

Make Them Visible

A web design agency that offers CRO services can also create bright, bold, contrasting buttons for CTAs that will be visible and spur your visitors to action.

Location on the page is also critical, preferably somewhere highly visible either near the add to cart/checkout button or at the top of the page.

Utilize Urgency Plays

Similar to calls to action, urgency plays are another highly useful technique utilized by providers of CRO services.

Urgency plays, as the name suggests, create a sense of urgency. Instead of just telling customers to “buy” they create a soft panic.

For instance, urgency plays include banners and buttons that say “for a limited time,” “while supplies last,” or “today only.”

Another creative urgency play is to create a countdown timer, which can be extremely effective for time-sensitive sales, deals, and promotions.

Develop Forms That Have Fewer Fields

Wherever your website uses forms, such as for lead capturing or newsletter signups, include as few fields as possible.

Also, make them the least invasive you can make them. Ask for minimal personal information – almost none, if you can help it. An email at most. Don’t ask for full names or other qualifiers that will make people “X” quicker than you can say “Jack Straw from Wichita.”

The easier it is for them (and the less invasive) the better they will respond.

Simplify Checkout; Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

The same goes for the checkout process. It should have as few steps and be as easy as possible. Customers already don’t want to trade money to get what you have, though they want what you have. Don’t give them an excuse to bounce.

Also, eliminate hidden fees that only show up once checkout begins. These are some of the biggest conversion killers out there.

Your eCommerce website agency may even be able to create a one–page or one-click checkout.

Ready to Work with an eCommerce Website Agency for CRO?

In addition to CRO, eCommerce website agencies also often offer search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, PPC services, and design and development services.

Taken in sum, these website agencies and their digital marketing experts can help your online store reach a larger target audience and meet its business goals.

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