Different Types of Adult Diapers: A Complete Guide

Adult diapers are used to prevent incontinence. Incontinence affects more than 50 million people in India, so you are not alone. Due to the use of adult diapers, the demand for this one product has skyrocketed in recent years. So, understanding diverse options for such diapers will help people use the appropriate type of one. 

9 Different Types of Adult Diapers in 2023

Adult diapers are commonly made of multiple layers of absorbent materials such as fluff pulp and fibers. Based on the material and design of these diapers, here is a classification of adult diapers –

1. Disposable Briefs:

These are the most common types of adult diapers that are designed for single use. These are worn once and then discarded. Disposable briefs come in various sizes, absorbency levels, and styles.

2. Pull-Up or Underwear Style:

These diapers are similar to regular underwear and are easy to put on and take off. Pull-up diapers are ideal for individuals who want a more judicious option and are relatively active.

3. Pad or Liner Inserts:

Pad or linear insert types of diapers are thin, highly absorbent, and can easily be placed in regular underwear or special reusable mesh pants. These types of diapers seem less bulky and are a good option for light to moderate incontinence.  

4. Belted Undergarments:

Also known as belted pads, these undergarments contain a highly absorbent pad and come with an adjustable belt. This belt gives individuals a secure fit, can be easily changed as needed, and can be worn either with regular underwear or alone.  

5. Reusable Cloth Diapers:

These diapers are made of natural fibers, manmade materials, or a combination of both, which are environmentally friendly. As the names suggest, cloth diapers can be washed and reused. These come with adjustable closures and are available in multiple designs.

6. Specialized Diapers:

These diapers are designed for special medical conditions and can have more features than normal adult diapers. Commonly, these diapers are used in situations like fecal incontinence or heavy urinary incontinence.

7. Gender-Specific Diapers:

Although most adult diapers are designed to be gender-neutral and can be worn by both males and females, some brands manufacture gender specific diapers for men and women for better fit and comfort. 

8. Bariatric Diapers:

These diapers come in larger sizes than regular diapers. These are usually designed for individuals who require additional sizes and can accommodate any waist range between 62 and 106 inches. 

9. Adaptive Underwear:

Such underwear opens from one side and is designed for people who find regular underwear difficult to use. Most people who require assistance in dressing and are mobility challenged use adaptive underwear.   

Adult Diaper Usages You Should Know

While different diapers have different use cases, here are three major adult diaper usage cases, category-wise:

Preventing Incontinence: 

The most obvious and primary use case of adult diapers is in people who are experiencing urinary or fecal incontinence. Due to incontinence, serious medical conditions can occur, such as bladder issues and neurological disorders.  

Physically Challenged People: 

Some individuals may be facing mobility problems, like people who are bedridden, elder family members, or physically challenged to go to the bathroom independently and use adult diapers to manage their toileting needs.

Post-Surgery or Hospital Uses: 

Patients who are recovering from surgery or have extended hospital stays might be temporarily using adult diapers when mobility and access to bathroom facilities are restricted by certain labels.


As awareness is spreading in the country, more and more people are using adult diapers to prevent incontinence. This is why these underpads are now being used at home rather than just in hospitals and medical facilities. Each adult diaper has it’s own advantages. Follow this guide to make an informed decision. 

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