Master Your Money: Top 10 Personal Finance Podcasts in the Philippines

Navigating the finance podcasts landscape can be daunting for many. However, with the guidance of experts and thought leaders in the field, mastering your finances can be as simple as listening to a podcast. Here, we bring you the top 10 Filipino personal finance podcasts for 2023 to help you take control of your financial future.


Money Talks with Chinkee Tan: Turning Thoughts into Thrift

Hosted by renowned money and life coach, Chinkee Tan, Money Talks breaks down lofty financial concepts into simple, actionable advice. This podcast caters to a wide range of financial literacy, serving as an asset for both individuals beginning their savings journey and those seasoned in personal finance.

Delivering sage financial advice in an easily comprehensible manner, Money Talks with Chinkee Tan demystifies the world of sophisticated financial theories and helps every listener become a savvy saver. 


ANC On the Money: Uniting Finance and Current Affairs

ANC On the Money strikes an engaging balance between finance and current affairs. It offers listeners a comprehensive perspective of the financial sphere in the backdrop of real-time events, both locally and internationally.

Beyond simple financial reviews, this podcast explores the intricate connections between financial trends and key global events. In doing so, it provides a broader, more nuanced understanding of economic interactions in a globally interconnected world.


Financial Wellness Podcast: A Holistic Approach to Finance

Adopting a holistic approach to financial management, the Financial Wellness Podcast goes beyond mere numbers. It addresses the more personal facets of money management and underscores the importance of attaining financial tranquility and well-being.

The podcast delves into the intimate relationship that individuals share with their finances. It encourages listeners to re-evaluate their fiscal habits and outlines strategies towards achieving a balanced financial lifestyle. 


The 80 Percent: Turning Earnings into Wealth

Fitz Villafuerte’s The 80 Percent podcast transforms complex wealth management theories into practical, easy-to-follow advice. The emphasis of the podcast is on intelligent, sustainable growth of personal wealth, illustrating how listeners can funnel their earnings into potential investment avenues and savings.

Rather than offering quick-fix solutions, The 80 Percent underscores the importance of planning and foresight in shaping sustained paths to wealth accumulation. 


Pesos and Sense: The Podcast for Every Juan

Keeping its motto-“Make the Money Grow”- at the forefront, Pesos and Sense gives listeners valuable advice on financial growth. The podcast explores a range of topics, from investment options to smart saving methods and calculated expense management.

By providing simple, straightforward advice, Pesos and Sense aims to equip every listener with the knowledge and confidence to grow their wealth and secure their financial future.

Randell Tiongson’s Money Talks: Getting the Basics Right

As a financial planner, Randell Tiongson takes his listeners back to the finance fundamentals with his podcast, Money Talks. By covering topics such as budget setting and wise expenditure, his discussions help to underline the critical importance of a strong financial foundation.

Money Talks encourages listeners to master the basics before climbing the ladder of financial complexity, strengthening their financial acumen from the ground up.


Usapang Pera with Vince Rapisura: Making Finance Personal

Usapang Pera fosters a healthy dialogue around personal finance. By inviting a combination of experts and the general public to discuss money matters, it gives listeners a rich spectrum of perspectives on assessing financial health.

The show emphasizes that personal finance should not be viewed in isolation; rather, it is an essential part of daily conversation and decision-making.


The Business Class Podcast: Bridging Financial Knowledge and Daily Life

Hosted by Bianca Gonzalez, The Business Class bridges the gap between comprehensive financial knowledge and practical daily applicability. This podcast whips up a compelling blend of Filipino financial realities with broader, global financial perspectives, grounded in everyday life.

Through relatable discussions and expert insights, The Business Class Podcast allows listeners to understand complex financial concepts in everyday terms, facilitating better financial decisions.


Lisa Macuja School of Ballerina Saves: Art intersecting Finance

Lisa Macuja School of Ballerina Saves offers an untraditional take on personal finance. Famous ballerina Lisa Macuja brings an artistic perspective to real-world financial knowledge based on her experiences.

The podcast’s beauty lies in its unique approach, weaving financial tales through the lens of the art world. It offers relatable and practical advice grounded in Lisa’s personal experiences in the industry.


On The Money: Your Roadmap to Financial Security

On The Money is a personal finance guide designed to help Filipinos secure themselves a prosperous financial future. By breaking down complex financial jargon into digestible tips and techniques, the podcast empowers individuals to take control of their finances and attain their financial goals with confidence.


Conclusion: Tune into Your Financial Future

Comprehending personal finance is integral although it’s frequently underestimated. Leveraging resources like the top 10 Filipino personal finance podcasts can provide the tools needed to gain mastery over your financial destiny. Going into 2023, these podcasts can guide the formulation of a prosperous financial trajectory.

Seizing control over personal finance is pivotal, nevertheless it’s often bypassed. Through listening to the top 10 Filipino personal finance podcasts, you can achieve financial literacy, empowering you to shape a successful financial blueprint as you step into 2023. These podcasts offer invaluable guidance to aid you in charting an affluent financial path.


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