Hiking in the Enchanted Natural Landscape: Discovering the Kasol-Kheerganga Trek from Delhi


The energetic urban world of Delhi, with its traffic snarls and concrete jungles, can oftentimes induce a craving for an excursion to nature’s unadulterated loveliness. If you’re pining for relief from the confusion and contamination of the metropolis, the Kasol-Kheerganga trek provides an ideal haven into the bosom of the Himalayas. This 1000-word piece will show you on a virtual tour through this remarkable trail, beginning from Delhi.

Delhi to Kasol: The Journey Begins

Your odyssey commences in the pulsating centre of India, Delhi. To make it to Kasol, you may choose to go by car, take a train trip, or even board a flight to the closest airport in Kullu. Nevertheless, the most thrilling way to kick off your trek is by boarding an overnight bus from Delhi to Bhuntar, which serves as the gateway to the Parvati Valley.

As you set out on this epic 12-hour bus ride, you will be able to experience the transition from the bustling city to the tranquil mountain ranges. Traversing the sinuous highways of Himachal Pradesh will be sure to leave you captivated. Upon your arrival in Bhuntar, a brief taxi ride to Kasol, a captivating village situated beside the Parvati River, awaits you.

Kasol: The Hippie’s Paradise

Kasol, oftentimes dubbed “Mini Israel,” is a hotspot for tourists seeking a thrilling adventure. This charming town is renowned for its tranquil environment, lush, verdant scenery, and the neighbourly reception of its citizens. Spend some time in Kasol to adjust to the climate and bask in the serenity of the locale.

When visiting Kasol, it’s a must to sample the local fare, which offers a delightful fusion of Indian and Israeli flavors. You’ll find scrumptious falafel, shakshuka, and hummus in the many cafes and eateries. Shopping for souvenirs or trekking equipment is also an experience not to be missed in this vibrant market.

Kasol to Barshaini: The Gateway to Kheerganga

Your actual hiking expedition commences in Barshaini, a small settlement approximately 16 kilometres from the township of Kasol. To get there, employ a regional taxi or look into options for a shared cab. The route itself provides an awe-inspiring outlook of the Parvati Valley.

Barshaini functions as the starting point for the Kheerganga hike. Prior to embarking on the expedition, guarantee that you possess all the basic necessities – reliable trekking boots, comfortable clothing, a knapsack, a canteen, and some treats. It is suggested to embark early in the day in order to maximize your trip.

Kheerganga Trek: A Walk to Remember

The Kheerganga trek is a moderate-to-arduous journey that spans about 12 kilometres in total. One will traverse through lush forests, attractive meadows, and peaceful streams along the way. This route is separated into two sections: an initially straightforward 5-kilometre walk to Nakthan village, followed by a more demanding ascent to Kheerganga.

One of the major features of the trek is the presence of the Parvati River running alongside the path, providing a gentle melody for your journey. Additionally, you’ll find dozens of rustically charming wooden bridges along the way.

Reaching Nakthan village requires approximately two to three hours of hiking; it is an ideal place to take a break and replenish the body. Here, you can savour a steaming meal at the local dhaba eateries and mingle with the hospitable inhabitants of the village.

The final portion of the journey entails a formidable ascent, involving a rigorous ascend up a rugged pathway. It is physically draining, however, the prospect of the reward at the peak is enough to keep one motivated. The delightful surprise that awaits at the conclusion of this gruelling climb is the naturally heated springs at Kheerganga.

Kheerganga: A Slice of Heaven

Towering above sea level at nearly 3000 meters, Kheerganga is a true paradise for nature lovers. Its primary draw is the hot springs, purported to possess restorative powers. After a lengthy trek, there’s nothing quite as comforting as resting in the warm, tranquil waters, encapsulated by the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

The captivating beauty of Kheerganga presents a spectacular panorama featuring the encompassing highland reaches. As soon as nightfall sets in, all that can be regarded as a marvellous realm of dreamy enchantment. Don’t forget to observe the fantastic sunset and an illuminated night sky dotted with shining stars.

Camping beneath the celestial Himalayan night sky is an experience that will forever remain in your mind. You have the option of toting your own camping appurtenances or renting tents from regional sellers. Warm yourself over a crackling bonfire, exchange tales with other hikers, and exquisitely savour a scrumptious meal amidst the enveloping openness of the atmosphere.

Return Journey and Conclusion

After an incredibly enjoyable stay in Kheerganga, it’s time to make your way back to Barshaini. The trek down is usually faster and simpler, giving you the opportunity to reminisce on the extraordinary experience you had. As you make your way down, you can delight in the breathtaking views of the surrounding area from a new point of view.

Upon arriving at Barshaini, you can choose to venture back to Kasol or look into other nearby areas like Manikaran, renowned for its thermal springs and the revered Gurudwara Sri Manikaran Sahib.


In conclusion, a trekking journey from the clamour of Delhi to the calmness of the Himalayas can be experienced along the Kasol-Kheerganga trail. Not only does this route challenge one’s physical strength, but it also bestows travellers with the captivating beauty of nature. Therefore, if you wish to get away from the usual hustle and take a soul-enriching voyage, load your bags, put on your hiking shoes, and prepare to investigate this extraordinary marvel of nature that is Kasol and Kheerganga.

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