How HJR Global and Harrison Rogers Are Helping Small Businesses Thrive in America

HJR Global, founded and led by businessman Harrison Rogers, is dedicated to assisting companies in expanding their operations by furnishing them with the skills and tools necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic and challenging global economy.

Examination of the Market and Analyses of the Competition

You should take a breath and look at the market objectively before plunging headfirst in. When you first launch your company, it can feel like you’re diving headfirst into a pool of unknown depths. If you don’t do any market research, you might as well jump right into the kiddie pool.

Marketing Strategy

Building a house without plans is like trying to launch a company without a strategy. A well-thought-out business plan for a new venture lays out a road map for the company’s mission, daily operations, and ultimate success. Creating a business plan has the potential to (and will) reveal any flaws in the thinking behind the venture while also highlighting its many strengths.

Initial Expenses for Business Production

Creating a new and exciting product or service is a thrilling endeavor, and everyone enjoys the creative process involved. However, when you sit down and actually begin to figure out just how much it will cost to bring your idea to life, the reality of the situation sets in. The initial investment required to launch a business can range widely, but it always represents a significant challenge.

Fund Your Idea

It’s a great feeling to see your idea come to life as a startup. However, monetary factors can have a significant impact on that sentiment. The startup economy is a capitalist one, where profit is paramount. Money is the ultimate determinant of whether or not an idea becomes a reality or whether or not a business remains open for another year. There are many opportunities for those looking for seed money to launch a company.


Your brand will help consumers recognize your product or service in the same way that your name identifies you as a person. Your brand is more than just a name—it should convey your company’s values. The reason behind creating your product or service is more crucial than the name. Your brand is the face of your company, the symbol by which consumers will remember you. If you’re just getting started with branding, consider the following.


You may have encountered the recommendation to incorporate your business during your research into starting your own company. When you incorporate your company, it becomes a legal entity in the eyes of the state where it was formed. This separates the company legally from its founder (s).


Establishing legal standing with relevant authorities is an important step in getting your startup off the ground. Your small business’s size, legality, and taxation status will determine the scope of registration required on local, state, and federal levels. There are a number of hoops to jump through to officially establish a business.

Obtaining Necessary Authorizations and Licenses

Obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits for your business is crucial for two reasons: keeping tabs on profits and ensuring the safety of consumers. A federal license or permit may be necessary if your company engages in radio broadcasting, the sale of alcoholic beverages, or the sale of firearms, all of which are governed by and subject to oversight by the federal government.

Merchant Banker

It is crucial to open a business bank account before your company begins accepting payments. While it might seem like a personal account would suffice, doing so can lead to financial and legal complications. For security and privacy purposes, it’s best to maintain a separate business bank account.

A Suitable Enterprise Location

Your company’s location can have a significant impact on its overall performance. Your company’s location can have a significant impact, just like your company’s name and brand can. The ideal location is more important than you might think when opening a business like a fast food restaurant or a car wash. When deciding where to set up a shop, it’s important to keep several factors in mind.

Obtaining Insurance

Most people who start their own businesses invest a great deal of time, energy, and money into making their vision a reality. What kind of commercial insurance coverage you need is directly proportional to the nature of your company. Several distinct varieties can be purchased.

At the Helm: Harrison Rogers

When it comes to turning ideas into profitable businesses, Harrison Rogers is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Since 2012, he’s founded a number of companies, several of which are prominently featured among the Inc 5000’s fastest-growing businesses in the United States. After successfully rescuing a few failing businesses and returning them to prosperous viability, Harrison discovered a new interest. In the future, Harrison is just as eager and enthusiastic about investing in and assisting distressed companies as he is about investing in and launching new ventures.

Harrison is a seasoned business coach who has been honored as the Valley’s Most Influential Individual in Business by the readers of the Arizona Republic for two years running, as well as being named one of Phoenix Magazine’s 40 under 40.

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