How to Complete IRCTC Agent Registration Online

The official website for purchasing train tickets in India is authorized by IRCTC – Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. IRCTC provides several options to become authorized agents, which permits the booking of train tickets on behalf of normal users and earning commissions for each PNR. Several people who are eligible to become agents and want to have a reputed source of income may apply to become an IRCTC-authorized agent.

In this article, we will provide you with a complete process on how to fill out the IRCTC Agent Registration online form. Some advantages of becoming an IRCTC agent, and how you can get your IRCTC login agent login ID will also be discussed further.

Who Is An IRCTC Agent?

An authorized middleman, known as an IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) Agent, is one who makes it easier for passengers to book train tickets. These agents frequently work with registered companies and have access to the IRCTC’s reservation portal. IRCTC Agents help customers on behalf of them to book confirmed tickets for all quotas & classes. Particularly in India, where rail travel is a popular means of transportation, IRCTC agents play a crucial role in making train travel easier for people.

Documentation Required to Become An IRCTC Agent

Here are the required documents to become the IRCTC agent and to get authorization for the IRCTC Login agent login:-

  • PAN Card: Your Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is necessary for tax purposes and to verify your ability to make financial commitments.
  • Address Proof: It is required to verify your company’s permanent address, for which you can submit your passport, driving license, or utility bills (for phone, LIC, or electricity).
  • Passport and driving license: These documents confirm your identification and demonstrate your legal right to do business.
  • Additional documents: Your ration card, bank account information, or voter identification further verify your identity and eligibility to become an IRCTC agent.
  • Service tax form: By submitting this form, you may prove that you have complied with tax laws and are qualified to act as a booking agent.
  • Contact Information: A working phone number is essential for communication and customer service.
  • Valid Email ID: Official communication and updates from the railway authorities must be sent to an active email account.
  • Two passport-sized photos: These should be from the last six months and are necessary for registration.
  • DSC: For secure online transactions and authentication while ordering tickets through the IRCTC platform, a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required.

Registering and showing that you are committed to meeting the eligibility criteria will be easier if you prepare these documents before applying to become an agent. Numerous service providers are available, but you must choose a reliable one to get assistance with applying for an IRCTC agent and get specific training if you get verified. 

Process to Fill an IRCTC Agent Registration Online Form

To fill out the IRCTC Agent registration online form, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Search for the official IRCTC Agent Registration Portal.
  • Give precise information when completing the online registration form. This includes your name, address, phone number, and PAN card details.
  • Your PAN card, Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), business proof (such as a shop establishment certificate or GST registration), a recent passport-size photo, and a legitimate government-issued ID (such as an Aadhar card) should all be uploaded as scanned copies for identity verification.
  • Pay the varying non-refundable registration cost.
  • Usually, payments can be made online using one of the payment options the portal offers.
  • IRCTC will review your application after you submit it.
  • Once accepted, you must undergo training to become familiar with IRCTC’s booking process and policies.
  • You will be given access to the IRCTC Agent Portal after successfully completing the training, enabling you to begin purchasing tickets for users and earning commissions.

Average Income Of An IRCTC Agent

It should be noted that agents can only book tickets once they receive their IRCTC login agent login credentials. The authorized IRCTC ticket agents are permitted to book all ticket types, including Tatkal, Waiting List, and RAC. On each reservation and transaction, they receive a good commission.

There is no limit on how many tickets an agent may reserve in a single month. On each reservation and transaction, agents are paid a commission. With ticket booking and other services, they can earn up to 80,000 monthly revenue. 

How Is It Beneficial to Become An IRCTC Agent

Some benefits of becoming an IRCTC agent as follows:-

  • Agents have no limit to reserving IRCTC e-tickets.
  • Without worrying about cancellations, they can provide confirmed tickets.
  • IRCTC agents can make general, tatkal, waiting lists, and RAC reservations.
  • The commission for IRCTC agents is Rs. 20/40 per PNR and PG fees.
  • IRCTC Agents have access to a web platform for quick reservations.
  • They are eligible to make up to Rs. 80,000 each month.


With the increasing demand for online train ticket bookings, IRCTC Agents play a vital role in simplifying the process of getting confirmed customer tickets. IRCTC agents can get numerous benefits, including the authority to book all types of tickets, from general to Tatkal, with which they can earn a commission on every booking. It depends on how many tickets you can book. 

Additionally, the process of filling an IRCTC Agent registration online form and becoming an IRCTC agent becomes easy & straightforward with the right service providers like SiOnline. With them, agents can undergo the necessary training and access the official portal to provide services to users tailored to their needs.

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