How to Create a Servicenow Catalog and Workflow item?

A Service Catalog in ServiceNow is a list of various IT services that an organization provides to its customers. Also, it allows arranging multiple items into different categories to offer access to use for all the users. However, the Service Catalog is central to any company’s service portfolio. The company uses it to publish and provide the various IT services they offer customers by sale or delivery. Similarly, the ServiceNow workflow is a powerful approach to automate the processes to provide services to users through Service Catalog. 

Moreover, there are three different types of ServiceNow Service Catalogs available. 

  • Conversational Interfaces Home.
  • Agent Chat. Agent Whisper.
  • Asynchronous chat.

Now, let us know how to build the ServiceNow Service catalog item.o, all this is like an event in the organization. With real-time guidance, learn more about the SNow implementation from the Servicenow Training in Hyderabad!

Creating Service Catalog Item in ServiceNow

To create a Service catalog item in SNow, you must execute three things. Such as-

  • Create a Service Catalog Item Form
  • Create the Workflow for the Service catalog item
  • Add the Workflow to the catalog item

Let us start designing service catalog items in SNow with the following steps.

  • You need to log in as a System Administrator to access the account.
  • Go to the ‘Maintain Item’ module in the menu.
  • Click on the “New” tab.
  • Then provide the ‘Catalog Item Name.”
  • Select the Service Catalog you need
  • Choose the Category of the item.
  • Then add ‘Description’ to display on the Catalog Item.
  • Then you ‘Save’ the Form, and you will get a list.
  • Click on the “Variable” button.
  • Now you can build fields like ‘Requested For.’ Hit the ‘New’ tab in the ‘Variable’ account.
  • Give the Type of field you want (reference type)
  • Provide the Order of display
  • Then Go to the “Question” tab and add the Question name (A label name). Then by hitting the tab key, you will see that the ‘Name’ field will populate automatically. Otherwise, you can add it manually also.
  • Now choose the Type name tab and the table in the Reference Field.
  • Then select the table “sys_user” for the “Requested for.”
  • Now hit the ‘Submit’ tab. 

(If you want to build more fields on the catalog item, then you can follow these steps. But you must choose the Type field for the item as per need.)

  • You can verify the Form you built by clicking the “Try It” tab. It will show how the Form will look for the end-user. 

Thus, you have seen how to build a SNow Service Catalog Item. Now you will see how to make a workflow for the ServiceNow Catalog item. If you’re willing to learn more about the ServiceNow catalog, you can start with the ServiceNow Course to get more detailed ideas.

Creating Workflow in Servicenow Catalog Item

Let us start to know how to build a Workflow in the SNow Catalog item. 

You built the body of the Catalog item by creating a Form. Now you have to develop the main ingredient of it, i.e., Workflow.

A Workflow is related to a product available in the Service Catalog within the Catalog Item description. After linking the Workflow with the Catalog Item, it will run after the Service Catalog Request Item. It includes the approval of the Requested Items. 

However, you can develop Workflow using the Workflow editor, a graphical tool. Moreover, a Workflow helps complete the process of designing service requests. It automates the process with multi-step visualization in Order of various actions. 

Further, Workflow is the part that decides the process of developing a complete request item, including all the required steps. These include approvals, rollbacks, notifications, timers, and conditions. Thus, a Workflow Editor includes different activities to perform. 

Here are the steps to build a Workflow in ServiceNow.

  • Like SC Item, you must also log in as a System Admin.
  • After logging in, move to the “Workflow Editor”.
  • Hit the “New Workflow” tab.
  • Then provide the Workflow “name” and select the Table “sc_req_item” and provide the description.
  • Then click on the “Submit” tab.
  • Now from the available “Core Tab” on the right side, you can choose the required activities and move them to the Editor. It includes the entire exercise from start to end. 
  • After ordering the Catalog Item, you need approval. Choose the “Approval” user function. 
  • And drag it to the “Editor” section.
  • Here, you can choose all the activities you need as you have selected in the SC item creation.
  • After finishing the process, you’re ready to validate and publish the Workflow.

Adding Workflow to the Service Request Catalog Item

Now you need to add the Workflow to the ServiceNow Service Catalog Item.

  • Same like above, log in as a System Admin.
  • Go to the Maintain Item module in the left menu.
  • Hit the button “Catalog Item” that you want to select.
  • Then go to the ‘Process Engine’ tab.
  • Go to the Workflow field, and choose the right Workflow for attachment.
  • Hit the “Update” button now.

Thus, you have successfully built the ServiceNow Service Catalog, Catalog Item, and Workflow. Also, you learned how to attach the Workflow to the Service request catalog item in SNow. I hope you understood the above steps for creating ServiceNow SC Item and Workflow in detail. So, keep learning to get more insights from the ServiceNow platform. 

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