How To Manage Anxiety In Teenage Children: A Guide For Parents

Discover effective ways to manage teenage anxiety. Our guide for parents offers valuable insights. Plus, find the best escape room in Bangalore for family fun!

Have your child experienced sleepless nights, nausea, fear to do or participate in an event at school or college? Parents, don’t neglect it. This might lead to anxiety in your Child.  This article will guide you to some common tips to deal with anxiety in teenagers. In some cases this might help them to cure completely.

 anxiety in teenagers


Anxiety is a common issue among teenage groups. At least once in our lifetime everyone of us undergo this situation, so if everyone has come across, what is the Need this guide? This is because, the toughness of this generation, the problems which you have faced might not be the same with your child. The competition of striving or situations of bribe, they might be anything, there is a difference between yours and your child’s timeline. Guidelines for parents:

Reduce the screen time:

The current generation of children are mostly living in the world of screens rather than family. If you grab their phone or yell at them to reduce their screen time. Then the situation will get worse. Instead you can make them play some interactive outdoor games and then slowly they’ll reduce the screen time by themselves. You can introduce them to the new virtual games especially the virtual escape games, this will keep the young minds active and avoid their anxiety issues.

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Diet check:

check your child’s food habits. If your child is facing an appetite or reducing the daily food intake or not being hungry. This may lead to stress or chronic anxiety. Note the problem and try ways to resolve the problem. It is better to take professional help in such situations. Try to put on a healthy diet, this will help you to overcome the stress and depression problems. Healthy diet, such as lots of veggies and plenty of fruits and fruit juices, will not make you dehydrated and also act as a good source of energy that lifts up your capacity to do work for a longer time.

Plan trips and holidays:

It is a psychological fact that a person’s mind will refresh and regain new energy if there is change in space. So take your child to their favorite place. Trips can be planned for three or more than three days. This might not be possible all the time for the parents, in this busy scheduled world. So in such cases they can plan for a holiday, such as visiting a game zone or parks or for some sports clubs.

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This game will be a restart for your child, from all the tensions, worries, stress, disappointments etc. With no fear, your child can go through the game and come out with a dazzling smile on their face, with relief. Try the Best escape room in bangalore.

Acknowledge them in a proper way:

the problem they might be facing can be anything, make sure you make them know the right emotions. Being a good role model, you can make your child learn the right emotions and they can learn from you, how you are solving your problems and tackle the world again with the double energy without falling when troubles are around.

Support them in a right way: they are no more kids, who listen to your honey coated kind words when in trouble. They can understand the situations better. The only thing is that they find difficulty in figuring out the best route to overcome it.

Value their emotions and avoid saying “this too shall pass” “what do you worry about, you’re just 17”. Instead you can say something like this “I understand that you are anxious and you have every reason, what is bothering you the most? This will be the stepping stone for the best communication.

Although anxiety is common in teenage groups, it is always important to know the medical status of your child. If this anxiety does not clear out in a day or for a few hours, then this may lead to chronic anxiety.

Conclusion –

Anxiety is common in every human life. Parents, try to be reflective by listening. This will tell your child that “you’re there to listen”. Make them comfortable and give extra support. That is professional help. Work together and spend time together, so that the person will not jump into the conclusions, rather try to solve it. If the person is not ready to seek professional help, then drop out the idea , and start applying the above methods. This might help to recover.

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