How To Promote a Webinar on LinkedIn

Promoting your LinkedIn webinars can be a powerful strategy to reach a targeted audience. With over 700 million users, there is a LinkedIn webinar platform for professionals from various industries and backgrounds to connect, share knowledge, and discover valuable content.

In this article, we will explore effective strategies to promote your webinar on LinkedIn, helping you maximize your reach, engage with potential attendees, and ultimately drive registrations.

1.       Build your audience

Linkedin offers you great audience targeting features to maximize your targeting efforts and to make sure the exact audience is targeted. You can use different filters to better customize your targeting based on industry, years of experience, seniority, locations, age, gender, and a lot more.

You can even filter by Linkedin Group membership. You can choose to upload a list of contacts from your own database if that’s where you find your target audience for the Linkedin webinar.

You can also build a lookalike audience based on your own database. Linkedin will find users on their platform who share characteristics with your existing audience and you can target them.

LinkedIn also comes with retargeting features to convert those who have shown interest previously. This excludes the audience who aren’t likely to take any actions on your website.

2.       Create Buzz about your webinar

Create a buzz around your Linkedin webinar to get more attendees. Let your followers know what’s coming, what they are going to know about, and how it will help them.

Put your most efforts in promotion by ensuring quality content, and wide distribution across different channels throughout the promotional period. Having a landing page will also help take your audience through registration for the webinar.

For instance, if you have industry leaders or experts who can be a presenter at your webinar, you can talk to them to give a contribution to your webinar. If people get to know that thought leaders are going to join the webinar, they’re going to be more excited about attending.

3.       Post About your Webinar on Linkedin

When promoting your webinar on LinkedIn, make sure to create a dedicated post that helps promote your webinar with an added link to the registration page.

Give time to create original content if you want to make your marketing efforts successful. Sharing high-value content is a great way to keep your followers engaged.

On Linkedin, there are several types of content that you leverage including articles, native video content, images, infographics, industry news, quick tips, etc.
Linkedin gives visibility and rewards useful information, so make sure that your content isn’t just promotional. Rather it must offer value to the readers. Focus on content that is educational, entertaining, and keeps people engaged.

Social media posts are becoming a major part of marketing plans. So, using Pre-Recorded LinkedIn Webinar for your marketing maximizes your efforts and gives you a chance to convert more attendees. Apart from posting content, you can also update your audience about new events and webinars.

Your overall webinar marketing strategy should be taken into consideration when deciding how frequently you post on LinkedIn. As part of a bigger strategy, we advise posting on LinkedIn two to three times per week. To keep readers interested and engaged, you can vary the content you offer by incorporating long-form articles, photographs, videos, and other media. 

You should update your personal profile in addition to providing stuff on your business page. A link to the registration page should also be included in any original content that others post about your event.

4.       Use LinkedIn Groups

Professionals can connect through LinkedIn Groups to share and discuss topics of interest. They’re also a fantastic way to spread the word about your webinar to a large audience, even if they don’t already belong to your network.

You shouldn’t simply join numerous groups and spam them with information about your Linkedin webinar, though. Instead, exercise deliberate professionalism. Join organizations that are focused on your industry and in which you have a sincere interest. Following that, you should take part in group conversations and take advantage of the chance to expand and solidify your network. The subject of your Linkedin webinar will easily arise if you have the correct target audience.

5.       Ask Your Team to Promote Your Webinar

Use the connections you’ve built with your team to promote your webinar and increase registrations. Every employee should be asked to promote your webinar on their own profiles. Additionally, ask them to tell their networks about pre-recorded Linkedin webinar if you do have guests speaking or presenting.

The number of people who learn about and sign up for your webinar can increase significantly with just a small number of people sharing and promoting it to their networks on LinkedIn.

6.       Use Influencer Marketing

If you’ve never heard of influencer marketing, influencers are people who have a following in a particular niche. They are an authority and expert in that field, and their influence on their followers’ purchase choices is considerable. Influencers may help brands reach their objectives since they are more than just marketing tools.

You can invite influencers to co-host a Linkedin webinar with you or collaborate with them to promote a webinar on LinkedIn.

7.       Use InMail to promote a webinar on LinkedIn

LinkedIn InMail is a terrific tool for promoting your webinar if you have a small, focused audience. The LinkedIn users who will be most interested in your webinar material can be found and connected using LinkedIn’s targeting filters. Just so you know, you’ll have even more targeting choices if you use LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

8.       Use LinkedIn Live Events for Webinar

Did you know LinkedIn has Events? This feature allows you to create events on LinkedIn that you can then share with your network both on and off the platform. It’s available for in-person and virtual events, making it a great way to promote your webinar on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Events even allows you to link to an external ticketing site when you offer a paid webinar.


Promoting your webinar on LinkedIn comes with a range of opportunities to engage with professionals in your industry and expand your reach. With these promotion strategies, you can successfully promote your webinar on LinkedIn, attract a targeted audience, and generate interest in your webinar.

Remember, monitor and improve your promotional efforts over time-based on the performance and feedback. With a well-executed LinkedIn promotion strategy, you can position yourself as an authority, connect with potential attendees, and ensure a successful webinar experience. For more informative posts, follow us!

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