How to save money when using Uber Eats

They would not be wrong if someone said ordering food is an art. There are plenty of reasons and excuses for ordering food online. Maybe because you were short of time, or you hated to cook, or you didn’t do any grocery shopping, or you were just in the mood to try something new. 

Whatever the reason, apps like Uber Eats are a savior for people looking to order food quickly. While the app is very convenient, it may soon become a worry for those on a budget due to the charges levied. With our tips, good food and convenience need not be expensive. Here, we reveal several ways Uber Eats can help you earn Uber Eats Cash Back and share deals and discounts while ordering from your favorite restaurants. 

Know the charges when using Uber Eats

Uber Eats typically charges three fees: delivery, service, and small order fee. Delivery fee is dynamic, based on Uber’s distance slots between you and the restaurant. The further the food travels to reach you, the more you pay. The order size determines the service fee and is usually a flat percentage of your subtotal. Uber Eats provides delivery even for a small size order but usually adds a small order fee to cover their costs. The small order fee no longer applies once you cross the minimum order amount threshold.

Opt for restaurant pickup instead of delivery 

You can save money on your food orders if you can find the time to pick up your order from the restaurant. Uber Eats will not levy delivery or service charges when you opt for pickup instead of delivery. This is a cost-effective option for those who can find time to pick up the orders while getting better rates than restaurants directly.

One membership for Uber and Uber Eats

By signing up for Uber One, you’ll receive exclusive Uber and Uber Eats benefits. You can start by paying $9.99 a month and cancel the subscription anytime without paying any penalties and other charges. With Uber One, you get unlimited free delivery at most restaurants and up to 10% off eligible deliveries and pick up orders, even during peak times. After becoming an Uber One member, you get access to special offers and promotions. Another good thing is you can combine other promotions with Uber One to save even more. Check with your credit card company to offer a complimentary Uber One membership, allowing you to keep the $9.99.

Download the Uber Eats Application

Uber Eats allows ordering from the website or via the mobile app. While it’s possible to order from the website, there are multiple benefits from ordering from the app, like special discounts and offers. After giving the necessary permissions, you’re ready to receive deals and promo codes, including push notifications and location to the app downloaded from the Android or Apple online store.

Start from the cheapest restaurant

Because of its simplicity, the Uber Eats app increases the convenience of food ordering. But if you’re on a budget, ordering from apps can add up if no control is maintained. You could choose cheaper places to eat with excellent ratings and still keep up your quality food eating habits. Fortunately, Uber Eats provides search options for price and rating, delivery time, or the most popular choices. Apply the filters to choose the lower-priced places to try out. It allows you to save money and yet enjoy the best food.

Send Referral Codes To Your Friends

Good news is best when shared. Once you’ve tried the Uber Eats app, you can share the app with your friends, colleagues, and family. This is not only fulfilling but rewarding too. In the app, you will find a unique invite code. When your friends sign up on the app using the code you provided them, you’ll receive benefits that may include some Uber Cash Back or a discount on your next order. There is no limit on how many people join using your invite code. This means you stand to gain ongoing Cash Back as long as someone signs up using your invite code.

Using Cash Back sites for good deals

Although Uber Eats provides attractive deals for new and frequent users, you can always combine them with alternative ways to score a more significant discount. A popular way is to use a Cash Back website like RebatesMe. With partnerships with over 4000 stores, RebatesMe also offers Cash Back on Uber Eats. At no cost to you, you’ll get additional Cash Back added to your RebatesMe account on Uber Eats purchases. To earn Cash Back, install the RebatesMe browser extension, sign up for a free account, and make Uber Eats purchases. On every purchase, you receive some Cash Back to your RebatesMe account. Additionally, RebatesMe has a $10 welcome sign-up bonus.    

Uber Eats is a quick, effective, and convenient food-ordering app and website that eliminates the hassle of your next meal. Use our tips to consistently earn rewards and Cash Back when ordering your food from Uber Eats.

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