Kheerganga Trek: Trekking through the Enchanting Pine Forests


Kheerganga trek when covered through certain routes then traveling through enchanting pine forests is not new. Pine forests are generally found around the subtropical region in Himachal Pradesh . And these pine trees also cover some portions of other countries including Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan etc. And pine trees have canopy which is closed so yes you will have a relaxing trek at Kheerganga trek.

It is one of the best kept secrets of Parvati valley and the natural artifacts in the form of huge mountain ranges, engaging pine forests, picturesque landscapes etc attracts a lot of hikers or visitors to Kheerganga trek.  At Malana  one of the ancient villages which has one of the oldest democracies is located near Kheerganga trek. And the customs as well as tradition of this village is delightful and also unique so it speaks volumes about the rich history of kheerganga trek. According to our hindu mythology, it is a pure and sacred place because of various stories. One of those stories is from the Mahabharat epic. It is said that the Pandavas have spent some of their valuable time here . This place cleared their mind and helped them in self rejuvenation.

Some historical facts about kheerganga trek 

We have already discussed the ancient village associated with this place. Also in the past this place was near the silk route which had a lot of geographical importance so this place must be an important link or point. Archeologists found several remnants as well as artifacts at this place. Those remnants suggest that once kheerganga trek was a part of a bustling civilization. Not only trekkers but because of its mythological significance pilgrims also visit this place and the Shiv temple at the mountain top attracts a lot of people. 


Barshaini village which serves as starting point for many visitors is the place from where you can starting locating all the pine tree forests. It’s a blend of thrill, adventure, nature, greenery, mountain, waterfalls etc. You can find several cafes and restaurants at this place where you can take a break and eat your different cuisines as well. The locals of kheerganga trek are also nice people they welcome tourists with open hands. You can locate majestic peaks and parvati valley on your trip. Not hot springs but also soothing waterfalls as well as Meadows are a part of your beautiful journey towards kheerganga trek. Along with pine trees there are vibrant wildflowers that will embrace you on your this journey. 

Some more highlights of kheerganga trek 

All the things that you will find on this journey looks like the things you will find in the scenes of a romantic movie. Away from all the city lights this place will provide you tranquility. On your trail you will find both Rocky hills as well as wooden logs near various waterfalls or rivers. Local food, local market, local people from every thing you can gain knowledge about kheerganga trek a little more. Its most highlighting feature is the sulphur spring located at the top of top of your trek. Then at a little distance you can find buni buni pass which will give you some alone time to spend.

To reach at this pass you have to cross forest of both pines as well as maple trees. Here you can find marvelous views of snow capped mountains. Most people do not face any sickness at the top but if you are a beginner and you don’t have much experience so reach at your starting point a little early and practice hiking at nearby places. The two rivers parvati and tosh meet at Barshaini village and view is absolutely captivating. Till Barshaini village you can use motor bikes but not after that hence trek starts from here.

Your next stop after traversing through chestnut forest is Natkhan village. After this point your trek becomes a little tough then when you reach near waterfalls you can take a break near them. Then after this break when you continue your trek you will spot some dhabas there have your food so that you can gain energy for remaining trails. After lunch it is not easy to trek but on the other hand the path for trekking after the dhaba spot becomes a little easy. But one thing that you should remember is take care of yourselves as well as enjoy the views on your way. 


So kheerganga trek has both historical as well mythological significance suggested by trusted sources. Kheerganga trek not only helps you to have physical and mental fitness but also increases your social interaction with locals as well as other fellow trekkers. Once in your life visit this place for sure. 

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