Naughty Dog: 8 Best Heroes In The Games, Ranked

Naughty Dog has made some of the best game series ever, and a lot of that is because their stars are so great and interesting.

The rapid rise of Naughty Dog in the video game world has been nothing short of amazing. Since its early days, when it was known for making hard, fun platform games with cartoon characters, the company has changed a lot. In current times, Naughty Dog is a big video game company known for its cinematic, story-driven games with impressive set pieces that have become flagship titles on the PlayStation consoles.

One of the things that shows how good a storyteller Naughty Dog is is its ability to make memorable and understandable main characters. Players from all over the world have fallen in love with the characters that the company has made. Naughty Dog has a great group of heroes that are all interesting in their own way. They range from smart-mouthed adventures to antiheroes who have been through a lot of trouble.

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