Persepolis head coach: Iranian football should be privatized

The head coach of Persepolis football team said: “Iranian football must be separated from the public sector and go to the private sector, otherwise the problems will not be solved.”

According to پین باهیس بدون فیلتر, Yahya Golmohammadi said during the practice of Persepolis football team in the group of reporters: We started training 6 days ago and in addition to tactical training, we also worked with weights. Tomorrow is our last practice in Tehran and then we will have a camp in Turkey. The camp was supposed to last for two weeks, but due to some inconsistencies, it was reduced to eight days. We should have started training earlier, but thank God, now the children are being added to the team one by one.

Golmohammadi said: We need a lot of time to reach the overall shape of the team. We follow our work in the Turkish camp with more seriousness.

Regarding the fact that he complained about the team’s conditions a few days ago and the team was on the sidelines, he said: The root of all these issues that were created due to the suspension and non-holding of training are the club’s financial problems. If the children’s money was paid on time, these things would not have happened at all. Again, the club’s efforts to remove the obstacles were many and we know that there are many problems and it is difficult to generate income.

The head coach of Persepolis added: 6 players left our group, and I must thank all of them for the efforts they endured. This is the nature of football and there is separation. We hope that the team will be completed as soon as possible so that we can have more training to coordinate in order to reach our demands in terms of tactics and enter the matches with strength.

He added: Now, with the extension of Milad Sarlak’s contract, our 19 adult quotas have been completed. This year, the conditions have been strange and the work of all teams has become very difficult. Laws have been established that need to be discussed and exchanged because many of these new laws are not understandable. With these rules, at least 50 Premier League players will be left without a team and will have to go to the lower leagues.

The head coach of Persepolis continued: As long as someone talks about this, they react immediately. Everyone wants football problems to be reduced and no one wants to destroy. We just want to know if these were expert decisions? Have they asked the managers of the clubs and coaches? I really want the authorities to change these rules of reducing the number of adult players because the teams’ hands are tied and it becomes difficult for us especially in Asia.

Golmohammadi explained: I want the managers of the clubs to be demanding. The professional condition is that the club fulfills the coach’s request in transfers. The principle of the issue, which is to generate income for the club, must be realized. Income generation must increase so that Iranian teams have a say in Asia, otherwise we will not get anywhere. What is wrong with bringing a multi-million dollar player to Iran? Iranian football should be separated from the public sector and go to the private sector.

Regarding the recruitment of a foreign attacker, he said: “Now we have no place to recruit a player and we have to check to remove one person from the list.”

The head coach of Persepolis said regarding the recruitment of Canaanites and traffic in his team’s defensive line: Playing a three defense system is definitely out of the question. We have four good defenders, but the league, the Asian Games and the FA Cup are ahead, and you can be sure that we will also need young and inexperienced players in the competition.

Golmohammadi said regarding the annoyance created between Biranvand and the fans: I got the root of these problems and those are the issues that must be fixed. This was not good for our club, but we have to see the conditions and problems of the players. The fans have shown us the way to success and I ask them to be with Biranvand and other members of the team.

He said about the displeasure of Kamal Soghednia and Siamak Nemati about the way they separated from Persepolis, he said: I give Kamal the right and what happened was not good for him. He worked hard for the team and played for the team with many injuries. All of them worked hard for us and the club has cultural and executive consultants who should plan a good plan for them.

Regarding Karim Bagheri’s absence, this successful coach said: Definitely, I and all the players request Karim’s presence, and it is really hard for me to imagine Persepolis without Karim. I hope the club will continue his work so that he will return soon. His presence by my side was very heart-warming.

Regarding the separation of Isa Al Kathir, he said: I really don’t know about his separation and once I talked to Isa for an extension, but he had problems with the extension and I don’t know what happened. If I know he wants to come back, I can do something for him.

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