Rohit Sharma Total Centuries in All Formats [ODI, Test, T20]

Rohit Sharma, the Indian Captain has been playing for India since, a long time and he is also considered as a gifted player and many people often wonder how many centuries of Rohit Sharma are in there in total, so if you are interested in knowing the same then give this blog a read. 

In this blog today, we are going to tell you about all the centuries which Rohit Sharma has under his name in all the formats of cricket, T20, ODI or Test cricket. 

The first two centuries of Rohit Sharma came in consecutive games later on he has to wait for three years to get the other centuries. In year 2013 Rohit was provided with the opportunity to play as an opener for Indian cricket team in Champions Trophy and since, then he has been doing very well. 

It seems like the opening position has always been the best position for him and he had been scoring many runs since then and has never looked back. 

Rohit is also known as hit man, as he has not only scored many centuries but has also scored some double centuries as well which is a great mile stone to achieve. 

All Centuries of Rohit Sharma in All Formats of Cricket – 

Coming to the number of centuries this player has scored in the international cricket, we have presented this information in the details below. 

Until today, Rohit Sharma has total 44 centuries in international games, in which 4 are his t20 centuries, he got 10 international centuries in ODI format and lastly he got 30 centuries in the test format.

Test centuries of Rohit Sharma 

Runs  Against team 
177* West Indies 
111* West Indies 
102* Sri Lanka
176 South Africa
127 South Africa
212 South Africa 
161 England 
127 England 
120 Australia 
103 West Indies 


T20 centuries of Rohit Sharma 

Runs  Against team 
106 South Africa
118 Sri Lanka
100* England 
111* West Indies 


ODI Centuries of Rohit Sharma 

Runs  Against Team 
114 Zimbabwe 
101* Sri Lanka
141* Australia 
209 Australia 
264 Sri Lanka 
138 Australia 
137 Bangladesh 
150 South Africa 
171* Australia 
124 Australia 
123* Bangladesh 
124* Sri Lanka 
104 Sri Lanka 
125 Australia 
147 New Zealand 
208* Sri Lanka 
115 South Africa 
137* England 
111* Pakistan 
152* West Indies 
162 West Indies 
133 Australia 
122* South Africa 
140 Pakistan 
102 England 
104 Bangladesh 
103 Sri Lanka 
159 West Indies 
119 Australia 
101 New Zealand 


These are all the centuries which Rohit Sharma has hit in all the formats of International cricket and these centuries mostly in T20 and test formats have comes majorly in home or in simple words in India. 

Each of the knocks of Rohit Sharma are fun to watch and if you are a cricket fan then you would surely love to watch his skills and techniques. 

We hope that the details about total centuries of rohit Sharma which we have provided for you in this blog has been helpful for you in learning about all his centuries.

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