Shimla Manali Honeymoon Tour from Chennai: A Romantic Escape

Planning a honeymoon is an exciting time for newlyweds. What is better way to celebrate it on Shimla Manali honeymoon tour from Chennai. Both of them are further nestled amidst the snow capped Himalayas.

These two places offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, serene surroundings, and romantic ambiance. If you need more information then visit and find that. In this blog, we will take you on journey from Chennai to Shimla and Manali. Also highlight the charming and romantic places that make them ideal honeymoon spots.

1: Shimla, The Queen of Hills

Begin your romantic journey in Shimla, often referred to as the Queen of Hills. As you arrive in this hill station, you will be greeted by cool mountain air. After that you will be stunned to see scenic vistas.

Shimla presents charming blend of British architecture and local culture. Take a stroll along the famous Mall Road, hand in hand with your partner. You can further explore the shops, cafes, and boutiques. Visit the Viceregal Lodge, a great structure that was the summer retreat of British viceroys.

To add a touch of adventure to your Shimla Manali honeymoon tour from Chennai, embark on trek to Jakhoo Hill. After that, you can witness stunning views of the nearby mountains.

The famous Jakhoo Temple is also at the top of the hill. You can further enjoy a romantic picnic at the serene Chadwick Falls. You can also take a romantic boat ride on the scenic Sutlej River here.

2: Manali, A Paradise for Romance

After experiencing the magic of Shimla, venture further into the Himalayas to reach Manali. All over, surrounded by snow capped peaks, lush green valleys, and gushing rivers. Further, Manali exudes an ethereal charm that is sure to steal your hearts.

Start your Manali trip with a visit to Hadimba Devi Temple temple of Goddess Hadimba. It is nestled amidst tall deodar trees. Above all, seek the blessings of deity and soak in the peace of the surroundings.

For an thrilling twist, head to Solang Valley, where you can indulge in thrills. Solang valley is like heaven to adventure seekers mainly in winters.

Many options are available here for example paragliding, zorbing, and skiing (depending on the season). Further, share moments of joy and laughter as you slide down the snow covered slopes.

No honeymoon in Manali would be complete without a visit to the stunning Rohtang Pass. It is a high mountain pass at an high altitude.

Marvel at the majestic snow capped peaks, while feeling the chill in the air. Further create forever moments against this huge backdrop of nature. Above all, do not forget to engage in snowball fight and build a snowman together.

3: Romantic Experiences

The Shimla Manali honeymoon tour from Chennai offer a host of romantic experiences. This further will make your honeymoon truly special. Enjoy a candlelit dinner with your loved one, having the tasty flavors of Himachali cuisine.

Take a romantic walk through the apple orchards of Manali, hand in hand. Above all, you breathe in the sweet fragrance of the blooming flowers. Indulge in a couples spa session, where you both can relax and revive.

4: Shopping and Gifts

No honeymoon is complete without some gift item shopping. Shimla and Manali offer a range of local handicrafts, woolen clothing, and local artifacts. These can further be perfect mementos of your romantic escape.

Explore the markets of Shimla, for example Lakkar Bazaar and Lower Bazaar for wooden items. Here you can find unique items like wooden crafts, handmade jewellery, and shawls. In Manali, visit Mall Road, buzzing with shops selling local handicrafts to winter clothing. Pick up gift to remind you of the nice moments shared on your tour.


A Shimla Manali honeymoon tour from Chennai is a dream come true for couples. Perfect for those seeking a romantic escape amidst the stunning landscapes of the Himalayas. The colonial charm of Shimla and the beauty of Manali fills every moment with love.

So, plan your Shimla and Manali honeymoon tour and immerse in the serene surroundings. Further indulge in romance, and create a bond that will last a life time. Let the hills of Shimla and Manali witness your love story unfold. And you return home with hearts filled with love and happy moments.

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