Small Bathroom Remodeling & Design Ideas

You might face a lot of challenges while remodeling your small bath space as you have a limited area to work with. So, you need to hire a professional bathroom remodeler who can guide you on how to add more storage units to make your tiny bathroom look bigger and brighter.

If you are looking for a reliable contractor for your Emerald Hills bathroom design, then you should contact Done Right Home Remodeling. Now, let us understand a few design and remodeling ideas for your small bathroom.

Mosaic Flooring gives a bigger look

The bathroom should have non-slippery flooring, which will ensure the safety of your family members. We prefer luxury vinyl plank/tile, tile (ceramic and porcelain), hardwood, natural stone tile, waterproof laminate flooring, stained concrete, and engineered bamboo flooring for the bathroom.

If you are remodeling a small bathroom, then mosaic flooring can be a great choice for you. Choose black and white mosaic tiles for your bathroom to give a small space like a small bathroom slightly bigger look.

Go with a few smart storage Ideas

You can go with wall storage and vertical cabinets to create more storage space in your bathroom. You can use them to store all your bath essentials. This way, you can get more storage to keep your valuables without using too much space on the floor.

Built-in wall storage is also a good idea as you can keep a lot of things inside it without making the bath space too clumsy.

Invest in ceiling lights or wall mounted lights

You can hang decorative lights or pendant lights on your ceiling to create more space on the floor. This way, you do not have to keep floor lamps in your space, which will provide you with a lot of space on the floor.

Moreover, pendant lights or ceiling-mounted lights can also add elegance to your bathroom.

Go with shower & bathtub Combos

You can go with walk-in showers with a glass shower door to save a lot of space in your bathroom area. This will help you avoid installing a full bathtub.

If you do need a tub in your bathroom then a combination tub and shower can serve your purpose without occupying too much floor space.

Install Over-the-Toilet Shelving

You should utilize the wall space over the toilet to install a few functional shelves. You can also go with an over-the-toilet rack idea if you are falling short of storage space in your bathroom.

Under-the-Sink cabinets

If you want to design a compact bath space, then you should go with the idea of the under-the-sink cabinet to increase storage in your bathroom. You can also install drawers instead of cabinets under your sink to store all your bath items.

Rolling Carts

You can use rolling carts in your bathroom to store your towels, toiletries, and daily bath essentials. These carts are slim and take up a little space in your bathroom.

Shelf Over the Sink

If you do not want to waste an inch of your bathroom, then shelves over the sink area can be a good idea. For this, you have to install mirrors high above the sink so that you can install storage shelves over the sink to store essential bath items.


You should keep your bathroom fresh and clean all the time so that it does not produce any bad odor. If you have a small bathroom then the task becomes a little harder.

However, you can give a good makeover to your bathroom to generate more storage so that your space looks bigger and brighter.

You can give your bathroom an enticing look by hiring our skilled bathroom remodelers. If you end up finding an inexperienced contractor then the whole process is going to be a disaster.

So, you can trust our bathroom remodeling experts who will help you renovate your dream bathroom without any hassles.

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