The Story behind Jellycat: Crafting Bunny Magic

The Story behind Jellycat: Crafting Bunny Magic

Jellycat is the name of the brand that is associated with creating soft plush toys that cheer up kids all around the world. Jellycat keeps combining rich materials with odd, charming, but always with something unique that sets them apart from the competition and designs! A young child who enjoyed jellies and cats gave the idea of combining these two things together and came up with the name Jellycat. The name stayed till now and has become very popular. It is a fantastic reflection of designs and arts! Both children and parents hold a particular place in their hearts for these amazing toys. Every child has that one favorite toy they take with them everywhere. Jellycat Bunny is an ideal friend for children. It is fun-filled and a must-have essential for your little one.  Jellycat Bunny serves as a companion for times when they are left alone or feel bored.

Singapore is a well-known city for its baby products. There are many options of baby essentials available there. Jellycat is the home of soft toys, which come in an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. However, not all soft toys are created equal. Of all of the soft toys, the Jellycat Bunny is possibly the most well-known.

Here are some reasons why the Jellycat Bunny makes the ideal present for kids in Singapore and beyond.

Lovingly Signed

Lovingly Signed is the most famous Jellycat stuffed toy place in Singapore. The Jellycat Bunny of this store is the most sold and favorite toy of everyone. They make it with high-quality and harmless material. Jellycat bunnies are messengers of love, memories, and genuine words. It’s a method to add additional meaning to every memory and unique moment. Lovingly Signed also provides the option of personalization. It is a complete and joyous thing for your little ones when they receive a Jellycat bunny with their name embroidered on it.

Beginning of Jellycat

The history of Jellycat started in London in the late 1990s when William and Charlotte Morris, two friends, set out on a quest to make the softest, cuddliest toys possible. Their dedication to quality and innovation led them to achieve bunny magic from a tiny collection of stuffed animals.

Creativity and innovation

Jelly cat’s dedication to creativity is one of the distinctive qualities that sets it apart. They think that stuffed animals are more than adorable. Their wide variety of rabbit designs shows this belief. Jellycat consistently pushes the limits of plush, from the iconic “Bashful Bunny” with its floppy ears to wacky figures like “Amuseable Avocado.” They become popular day by day with their innovative ideas.


The materials Jellycat uses to show its commitment to making the softest and safest toys possible. High-quality materials that adhere to strict safety regulations are used to create each rabbit. Every Jellycat rabbit is a work of beauty thanks to the meticulous stitching, embroidery, and finishing touches. Because of their dedication to quality, Jellycat bunnies can withstand the affection and cuddles of countless kids.

Benefits of the Jellycat Bunny

Soft and Huggable

The ideal toy to congratulate a birth is a Jellycat bunny.  Keeping in mind how delicate newborns are, this toy is produced with the softest fabrics and highest-quality fabrics. They are the ideal partners for your child to cuddle with because of their cozy nature. These sweet toys were lovingly created and will comfort your baby.

Personalization touch

Jellycat has embraced personalization in recent years as a method to make their bunnies even more unique. A child’s name can be added to several Jellycat bunnies, making them a special and cherished gift.

For all Age Groups

Every Jellycat toy is specifically created to cater to a range of age groups, from infants to older kids. Jellycat are safe to snuggle and play with from birth. You’re likely to find the ideal size and character you’d adore, whether it’s a little, delicate one for a baby or a large rabbit to cuddle up with. You can also find it in different colors and characters like an elephant, bear, etc.  Allow your child to cuddle with their all-time favorite Jellycat Bunny in confidence and comfort.

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Jellycat Bunny is a wonderful present for a baby naming ceremony, baby shower or to add up in a baby hamper. Because of its popularity, this is a signature toy of many stores worldwide. But Lovingly Signed Singapore is at the top in providing the best Jellycat Bunny. They offer premium quality Jellycat Bunny. Each bunny is carefully curated with love and care. Giving their bunny means giving more than simply a stuffed animal. It serves as a reminder that you are there for your child, providing warmth and comfort anytime they need it. It is a representation of your love and care. Enjoy a wonderful memento of you and your child with Lovingly Signed!

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