The Ultimate Goa Packing List: 5 Essentials

Goa is a place in India that everyone wants to visit at once. In this beautiful beach state, more than 40 lakh people come around the year. Here, every single person can immerse themself in numerous activities, whether it is a never-ending party, worship, or water sports. Goa has lots of things to offer to the guests by which they can spend a memorable trip.

So, if you are ready to travel to Goa and still confused about the essential things to carry while travelling to Goa. No need to worry anymore; in this blog, we will light up the things to carry on the trip and make a list of 5 essentials that should be in your backpack.

5 essential things you need to pack for a Goa trip

  • Sunglasses & Sunscreen: Heat is comparatively high in Goa, and visitors have to face the sun directly. Whenever you are on a trip, don’t forget to carry your sunglasses because the shades can give relief to your eyes when the sun is on the top of your head. Applying sunscreen in the heat will protect you from the heat and dust by which you can save your face from acne and pores from the dust.

  • Cotton cloths and Beachwear: Cloths made from cotton are lighter in weight. When you are on the beach and wear heavy clothes, it takes a long time to dry after getting wet. Whether cotton cloths dry easily and by wearing this you can feel less heat. So when you are going to pack your bags for a trip, must pack lightweight clothes by which you can feel cool in the hot weather.

    You can’t walk around the streets with your wet clothes and your bums hanging out and expect people not to stare at you. If you are a man, then carry board shorts and trunks, or women can carry comfortable clothes. Always try to keep an extra bag for your wet clothes; otherwise, other wears will get wet. There are many hostels in Goa that provide a locker facility and private rooms so that you can put other clothes there, too.

  • Water Bottle: A reusable water bottle is one of the essential things to carry on a trip to save yourself from high temperatures and dehydration. If you have a bottle with you, you can sip water every 10-20 minutes. It can also save you money and time over purchasing water. Visitors can easily refill their bottles from the nearby water coolers and keep themself hydrated.

  • Gadgates: Gadgates like power banks, earphones, Bluetooth, and others, according to your needs, are a must to carry. Everyone likes to click pictures from their phone, so to keep your phone awake, carry reliable power back at least 10000 mah. The best thing about this earphone is that it doesn’t take up more space and it can be easily carried in your pockets.

Gadgates and accessories

Goa is the party capital of India, and to add more charm while you are on the way to Goa or in the hostel, speakers and earplugs can double your enjoyment.

  • Important Documents: Documents like Adharcard and driver’s license are some of the most essential things to carry on a trip. In Goa, choosing public transport is costly, and when you rent a bike, you have to submit your DL and Adhar. Along with this, at the time of checking in the hostel in Goa, you have to submit your ID proof just for security purposes.

Which is the best option to stay in Goa?

There are numerous choices to stay in Goa, like resorts, cottages, and hostels. If you are seeking a budget-friendly trip and looking for an affordable stay, then always choose a hostel. Sort By Stays is one of the best and budget-friendly hostels in North Goa. In this property, private rooms or mixed dorms are both available, so it doesn’t matter with whom you are travelling. By choosing this best hostel near the beach, you can unwind your soul by partaking in numerous activities.


If you are planning to spend your vacations, then by going through this blog, you will get an idea about the essentials to carry for the Goa. Along with this, readers also get to know about the Sort By Stays in Goa, where they can spend their memorable vacations. So, if Goa is the next location on your bucket list, then you must keep the essentials with you and book your stay at this affordable hostel in Goa.

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