Things to know about 2023 Chevrolet Express Van

The 2023 Chevrolet Express van is strictly used for commercial purposes only. There isn’t much change done to it when compared with its last-generation models. However, it offers better power and handling along with a few other features.

Anyone looking to increase his/her business and needing a van would be lucky if they buy this vehicle when visiting Jacksonville Chevrolet dealer. So, take a look at the few things that you should know about this vehicle.

Power delivery

The powertrain remains unchanged from its last generation models. There are two choices for people depending on their needs. The first or standard option is a V6 4.3-liter engine that creates a torque of 296 lb-ft and 276 hp. It is grouped with an automatic 8-speedthat makes gear changing seamless even for inexperienced drivers.

Nevertheless, people who need more power under the hood of this commercial van should get its optional V8 6.6L engine. It will deliver a torque of 464 lb-ft and 401 horses and is paired with an automatic 6-speed option.

Though it is agile, the handling will make one feel that he/she is driving a huge automobile. However, its competent engine and power generated are more than enough to tackle any task such as towing trailers, hauling passengers or cargo.

Such full-size vans are exempted from having standards for fuel economy. Hence, there is no EPA estimate for it. However, to get an idea about what kind of mileage it might provide, you can visit Jacksonville Chevrolet dealership and talk to experts present there.

Interior setting

The interior will depend on the type of van one buys. There are two different types available; one is a cargo and another is a passenger van. Cargo type comes with an empty cabin but the passenger van comes with seats where 15 people can seat. The design is still unchanged since it was launched way back in 1996.

However, features includeAM/FM stereo, Wi-Fi-capable models, etc. Optional features include a Communication package that comprises a CD player, SiriusXM radio, navigation system etc. Visit a showroom to check out the interior of this van to understand whether it is suitable for your business.

Other safety features

Other safety features include blind spot monitoring, forward collision alert, lane departure signal, and more. These driver-assistance traits are standard because Chevy feels that people should be safe and secure when driving this van.


The van’s price depends on what you plan on getting. The cargo van has two options 2500 and 3500, which are priced at $39.9k and $43k respectively. The passenger van also comes in 2500 & 3500 options, which costs $44.1k & $45.3k respectively.

These are a few things that every buyer of the 2023 Chevrolet Express van should know. It will help in comparing it with other competitors and notice how good this van is. Hence, you need to visit a dealership as soon as possible to book one. The quicker you get the van for your business, the quicker you can enhance your commercial activities.

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