Top 5 Eyelash Boxes Style Ideas For Your Brand

Eyelashes are the most sensitive product in the grooming and beauty industries. Females and beauticians require them with distinctive packaging. Attracting clients toward your brand is exhausting. Brands nowadays are thriving hard to make their mark in the industry. And if the outer presentation of the box is not appealing all the others will go to waste. The outer appearance of the boxes makes an impact on consumers and it allures their attention. Having a dull and boring product will not captivate attention and consumers will move to the next brand. Below we have mentioned some stylish Eyelash boxes ideas that can elevate your brand and get it closer to success. 

  • Sleeve And Tray Boxes
  • Magnetic Closure Boxes
  • Two Piece Boxes
  • Window Boxes
  • Custom Shaped Boxes

Sleeve And Tray Boxes:

Sleeve and tray boxes are modern packaging boxes for cosmetics. It has an outer cover known as a sleeve and an insert known as a tray that slides into the sleeve. For brands that add unique values to products, having these sleeve boxes is a blessing. It exudes an alluring presentation while maintaining the eyelashes packaging’s durability to protect the products and easy stacking of multiple products in a place. These boxes provide professional presentations and you can customize them for creating a more personalized brand image.

Magnetic Closure Boxes:

Magnetic closure boxes are also a new addition to the box industry. These boxes have a little flap with a magnet on them. It closes perfectly and provides an elegant look to your product. These boxes are mainly used in the cosmetics, perfumes and electronics industries. The magnetic closure enhances the unboxing experience. It also adds sophistication to the custom eyelash boxes. Moreover, these boxes are made with premium quality material and offer reusability allowing customs to keep the product in pristine condition even after the initial purchase. 

Two Piece Boxes:

Two-piece boxes also exude a sense of premium quality. These boxes are made of a base and a lid. Two-piece boxes allow a better presentation of your products. In addition to that they offer a large canvas to place your branding elements on the boxes. You can have custom printed eyelash boxes with your brand logo and tagline on them. Moreover, you can use these boxes for eyelash gift box packaging by adding a bow or ribbon on it. Two-piece boxes are manufactured precisely so that the lid and base easily accommodate each other. These boxes also offer reusability. 

Window Boxes:

Window boxes offer a sneak peek look of the product without having to open the box. The world is changing and people don’t have enough time to open each product one by one just to check their colour, upper texture and quality. Having window boxes as your custom eyelash packaging can allow your consumer to look in without the hassle of opening them. Allow your consumer to see the actual product. Don’t let them rely on information only or they will move to the next brand. 

Custom Shaped Boxes:

When you want to go for creativity, try using custom shapes for your eyelash boxes. Square and rectangular boxes are traditional ways of packaging boxes. Go for custom shapes such as hexagon boxes, triangular boxes, circular boxes and cylindrical boxes. You can be creative with design as custom boxes offer you plain canvas for printing and embellishments. Having custom-shaped boxes makes your brand stand out from the crowd. Captivate the attention of your customers with customized shapes and ultimately generate sales. 

In a Nutshell:

The main purpose of having different style boxes is to elevate your brand image. Experiment with different style boxes and customized shapes. Put your branding elements on them and then think about the consumer’s persona. That way you will find packaging that perfectly aligns with your brand image. Have some expert advice or look for the current trend in the market. A piece of plus advice is to have a window on eyelash packaging. These boxes are already small in size, if you present them well they will be in your buyer’s cart. Just be creative with your box design and you will get the results in no time. 

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