Types of Countertops That You Can Use in Kitchen Renovation

Are you thinking of changing the kitchen countertops? Before doing so, you should know the types of kitchen countertops that exist and see what their main characteristics are.

A good countertop must be resistant and easy to clean, among other qualities. Currently, we can find different types of materials for countertops, each with its strong and weak points.

According to top Vaughan renovations experts, Knowing the best materials for kitchens is important to have a durable and comfortable space.


How important is the countertop in your kitchen?

The countertop is one of the central elements in any home kitchen. It is an element with both functional and decorative importance.

If we start with the functional aspect, the countertop serves as a surface for handling food and also acts as a support for kitchen utensils and small appliances.

Two of its most important characteristics are deduced from these two functions: resistance and cleanliness.

The countertop must be durable and resistant, to withstand the weight of everything that is placed on it, and not be damaged by the multiple splashes that it may suffer during cooking.


Some most used types of Countertops:

Now that we have given some notions about the importance of countertops, let’s get down to the topic at hand: the types of kitchen countertops.

Countertops are classified based on the material with which they are built. Let’s see the most prominent.


Wood countertops

Wood has been one of the reference materials for the manufacture of countertops for a long time. The key to its success is its durability since a countertop of this type can last a lifetime.

Of course, some type of treatment with a special varnish must be applied to the wood since although this material is durable, it has little resistance to blows and scratches.


Granite countertops

Granite is another of those reference materials in terms of types of countertops. And granite has two qualities that come in handy for countertops: it’s dense and waterproof; so it resists impacts, heat, and scratches well.

On the contrary, it is a porous material, and that means that stains can penetrate, leaving marks that are more difficult to remove. It is also recommended to apply a water-repellent and antibacterial treatment.


lava stone countertops

As you might imagine, lava stone is a fairly new material in the world of countertops. Its advantages are numerous, highlighting its low porosity, its ease of cleaning, and its great resistance, which allows it to withstand all the activities that are usually carried out in the office.

The only disadvantage that we can cite is its high price, although it is an investment that is worth it.


Silestone countertops

Silestone is an artificial stone that comes from a mixture of different natural materials, plastics, and additives. Its main component is natural quartz. Its composition gives it great resistance and hardness.

In addition, it is a highly customizable material, since a multitude of pigments can be used in its manufacture, which allows a greater variety of colors than in other materials. However, its price is high, and it fails a bit when it comes to heat resistance.


Marble countertops

Marble is a common countertop material and is often compared to granite, although there are some differences. Specifically, marble is less dense and more porous than granite.

The main attributes of this material are resistance, impermeability, and durability. Porosity may be its weak point, but there are treatments indicated to reduce it.


Porcelain countertops

Porcelain countertops have become one of the most valued types of countertops in kitchens. The reason? Its high resistance and durability; and it is that porcelain can withstand extreme conditions such as direct heat.

On top of that, it doesn’t scratch, it’s waterproof and it cleans very easily. Although yes, all these advantages have an impact on the price.

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