Underwater VR Games You Should Never Miss

You probably have played countless games in your childhood and still remember some of them, right? Yes! It was always terrifying to submerge yourself in scary landscapes during the gameplay. The fear and thrill doubles when you play games in a VR setup. Scary watery landscapes in VR games will give you goosebumps, and you will feel an adrenaline rush. We will discuss a few games you can play underwater in a simulated VR environment. This post will reveal underwater VR games you should never miss. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Underwater VR games to play:

Diving deep under the ocean and solving a mystery has always been your dream. However, you never find enough courage to do it. Why not do it with a VR headset on? You will experience the same thrill and joy in a simulated environment. Virtual reality gaming has come a long way, and players love to play underwater scary and thrilling games. Are you a thrill seeker? You should explore the given list to learn about VR games that you can play in an underwater setup. Let us dive deep into the ocean!

1. Minecraft VR:

You probably have heard of Minecraft, which has entertained base-building players for years. How about playing this game in a virtual reality setup? Players can dive deep into the ocean biomes of Minecraft to conduct several game-related activities and complete tasks to earn more points. The experience will give you goosebumps since you will jump into the ocean as a professional diver with a complete diving kit and gear. Although it is not completely an underwater game, some parts require you to jump into the ocean.

How about building a home underwater? The idea gives you the urge to play this game. Players can even live under the water for most of the gameplay. It would be best to join your team and play this gem of a game underwater.

2. Narcosis:

Have you ever played story games? If not, Narcosis should be your first one. It is a story game where you will survive the ocean. The gameplay will bring you down to a seabed, with you wearing a diving suit but having access to limited tools and resources. The shortage of resources makes the gameplay more challenging. It is a horror game, and players will soon realize it from the setting and landscape.

The visual landscape of this game comes with a spooky effect and darkness. It is no less than an underwater nightmare. Do you want to play this game in a VR setup? It is time to book your play DXB tickets and have fun the next weekend!

3. Ocean Rift:

You have watched sea divers swimming alongside the wildlife and gigantic aquatic creatures. You can feel the thrill of this experience by playing ocean rift in a VR setup. The game allows you to swim along different fish and wildlife to give you goosebumps. Do you want to learn about wildlife and aquatic creatures? This game is a gem for you!

Players can choose different environments with varied marine life and aquatic animals. Adults and children interested in learning more about marine life should never miss this game.

4. Titanic VR:

One of the fascinating pieces of history is Titanic, and we all know about this tale. Many have watched TV shows and documentaries on Titanic and how it sank. How about exploring the underwater remains of Titanic yourself? You can do it in a VR setup – a game called Titanic VR. Players can visit the interior and exterior of the sunken ship ruins and complete objectives as a part of the gameplay.

It is an extended gameplay – five hours – where you must collect objects to complete the tasks. This simulated game lets you learn more about the Titanic and its history. The gameplay will give you a feeling of a real-world visit to the sunken ship.

5. The Blue:

The Blue is another game to visit and learn more about underwater life and aquatic creatures. It is similar to Ocean Rift, taking you to the depth and confronting you with marine life. The only differentiating factor is that The Blue provides a cinematic experience where you can only watch and observe things. The demand for watching more will never fade.

The Blue gives you groundbreaking realism when it comes to graphics and landscapes. Do you want to observe the ocean closely? You should book your play DXB tickets for this attractive gameplay and have fun with your kids.

Explore the aquatic world in a VR headset!

Virtual reality gives you a surreal experience of what you play or watch. Players can enjoy the simulated experiences of VR gameplay. The experience will give you a thrill and joy simultaneously. It is time to book your tickets online and have fun the next weekend!

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