Want to secure a government job? 6 Knicks and knacks you need to know

Have you finished your graduation and as you come out at the gate of your college, you realize that you need a job. Now the question arises, what kind of job would you like to pursue? Well, making a career in the public sector and securing a government job has always been something that is of great value and enhances the reputation of many Indian households. All you need is some preparation, perseverance, and patience and a brightening future awaits you therein. To help you in your endeavors you can seek help from several institutions which can help you crack the toughest government exams.

What is a sarkari naukri?

Government jobs as the name suggests are jobs that are offered by public institutions. In Indian households, these jobs are prestigious, highly preferred, and are also known as sarkari naukri. More than half or almost the entire population strives for any kind of government job. These are high in demand jobs as they provide job security, Longville perks and renewed reputation is a plus.

Eligibility criteria

  • Educational qualifications: To appear for any sarkari naukri all you need is your class 10th or 12th or graduate degree. However, you can also apply for government jobs even with a degree in ITI, Diploma, MBA, PGDM, and any other master’s degree that you might have completed.
  • Departments that government sectors comply: Some key departments that government sectors offer are Agriculture, Department of Law and Engineering, Welfare and Development. Some reputed designations in government jobs are IAS (Indian Administration Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), Indian Railways, and other administrative services.
  • Types of government jobs:
  1. Administrative: These include positions like IAS and IPS. They operate and strive for state and central administrations to function smoothly.
  2. Defense: As the name suggests, they protect our nation from alien attacks and include positions like the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Forest Service.
  3. Education: These include professions like teachers. Assistant professors and other academic professionals.
  4. Health care: As the name suggests, healthcare-related sarkari naukri will lead to bud as doctors, nurses, and various other healthcare professionals.
  5. Law: These comprise legal professionals are lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals.
  6. Finance: These government jobs are related to finance which includes Reserve Bank of India, Securities, Exchange Board of India, and Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.
  • Gender: There is no bar or limitations as far as gender is concerned. All gender male, female and transgender can apply for government jobs.
  • Physical and psychosocial parameters: For any government job that you apply there are some mandatory medical tests like physical tests, height and weight measurements, narcotics, vision, and blood tests. For example, IPS or the Indian Police service requires males to be of a minimum height of 165 meters except for SC which is 160 meters. For females it is 150 meters, the exception stands for women which is 160 meters.
  • Exams: You need to clear a series of tough and critical thinking tests, including the physical examinations which will help you to reach your final designation which is you’re desired post. You may have to appear and re-appear multiple times as you might not clear it one go. So please be patient.

Perks of having a sarkari naukri

  • Pay scale: The pay scale that is offered in government jobs is better as their income is fixed, all gazette holidays are fixed, and receive various allowances that will help applicants to suffice throughout their lives.
  • Innate prestige and recognition: Once a government employee always a government employee, even when you retire your social status and reputation remain the same. You can have your designation imprinted outside your nameplate, which can be seen as a showoff, but you have earned for yourself.
  • Job security: No one can fire you until you are charged with some serious crime like bribery. Unlike any other corporate job, it is never the hire-fire system.
  • Pensions! Pensions and pensions: This is the remuneration which you will be receiving once you have served your tenure and now it time to have the fruits of your harvest. This is the compensation that you receive on retirement: You sow what you reap!

Ways government jobs are different from any corporate job

In any corporate job things are uncertain and unpredictable, there is no such thing called reservation for backward classes and depends on other parameters. Private jobs often goes not provide any future or retirement plans. It was perceived notions that tattoos or symbolisms are disallowed, while you apply from government jobs. Generally it not a hard and fast rule that applicants with tattoos would be disqualifies, but again the government structures and centralization plays a crucial role in deciding things for the same.


Securing a government job is a dream of most of the youth in Indian household. It can be a tedious process, as you might not clear it one go. However once you clear and secure yourself a sarkari naukri, it will be a fruitful future as there are numerous benefits and allowances. So be patient and keep striving for your dreams to confer.

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