What is RentalCover, and How Does it Work with Car Rental in Serbia?

What is RentalCover, and How Does it Work with Car Rental in Serbia?

When renting a car in a foreign country like Serbia, concerns about insurance coverage often come to mind. Nobody wants to face unexpected expenses in case of accidents, damage, or theft. That’s where RentalCover comes in. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore RentalCover and how it works with car rental in Serbia.

These are the necessary information that you need to know before hiring a car in Serbia. As many people are unaware of this benefit, they wouldn’t be able to avail; read the blog below to fully understand the rental cover.

Understanding RentalCover

What is RentalCover?

RentalCover is a third-party insurance provider that offers various insurance products designed to enhance your car rental experience. Their goal is to provide peace of mind by filling gaps in coverage that may exist in the rental car insurance offered by car rental agencies.

Why Consider RentalCover?

Car rental companies typically provide basic insurance coverage when you rent a car in Serbia, but it often comes with high deductibles and limitations. RentalCover aims to bridge these gaps by offering more comprehensive coverage options reducing or eliminating out-of-pocket expenses in case of incidents.

How RentalCover Works with Car Rental in Serbia

Here are some of the steps to make you familiar with the process of the rental cover if you instantly hire a car in Serbia 

Step 1: Renting a Car

To use RentalCover with your car rental in Serbia, start by booking a vehicle with your chosen car rental agency. During the booking process, the rental agency will offer you various insurance options, including their coverage and the option to decline insurance.

Step 2: Consider Your Insurance Needs

Before making a decision, take some time to assess your insurance needs. Consider factors like your comfort level with risk, insurance coverage, and the potential financial impact of various incidents while driving in Serbia.

Step 3: Access RentalCover

Once you’ve rented the car, visit the RentalCover website or app to explore their insurance offerings. RentalCover provides various insurance products, including Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection, and Supplementary Liability Insurance (SLI).

Step 4: Choose Your Coverage

Select the insurance coverage that aligns with your needs and budget. RentalCover allows you to choose coverage for different aspects of your rental, such as damage to the rental vehicle, theft, or liability in case of accidents.

Step 5: Purchase RentalCover

Complete the purchase of your chosen RentalCover insurance. The procedureis typically straightforward and can be done online. Review the policy details and terms and conditions before finalizing your purchase.

Step 6: Provide RentalCover Details

After purchasing RentalCover, you will receive a policy document or confirmation email. Keep this document handy during your car rental in Serbia, as you may need to provide it to the rental agency in case of an incident.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Rental

With RentalCover in place, you can enjoy your car rental in Serbia with added peace of mind. If an accident happens, damage, or theft, you can contact RentalCover for assistance with the insurance claim process.

Key Benefits of RentalCover

Lower Deductibles

RentalCover often provides lower deductibles compared to what rental agencies offer. This means you’ll have less out-of-pocket expense in case of damage or theft.

Wider Coverage

RentalCover’s insurance products may cover a broader range of incidents, including minor scratches, dents, and windshield damage, which may not be included in the rental agency’s coverage.

Cost Savings

By choosing RentalCover, you can save money compared to accepting the rental agency’s insurance options, especially if you rent cars frequently.

Enhanced Peace of Mind

Knowing you have comprehensive coverage from RentalCover can reduce stress and make your car rental experience in Serbia more enjoyable.

Considerations and Tips

Read Policy Details

Always thoroughly read the policy details provided by RentalCover. Understanding what is covered and any limitations is crucial.

Document the Rental Vehicle

Before driving off with your rental car in Serbia, document its condition with photos and notes. This will help in case you need to file a damage claim.

Contact RentalCover First

In the event of an incident, contact RentalCover before the rental agency. They will guide you through the claims process and assist as needed.

Keep Records

Maintain records of all communication with RentalCover, the rental agency, and any involved parties in case of an incident.


RentalCover is a valuable resource for travelers renting cars in Serbia. It provides the layer of protection and peace of mind by offering insurance coverage that complements the rental agency’s offerings. By understanding how RentalCover works and making informed decisions about your insurance needs, you can confidently enjoy your car rental experience in Serbia, knowing you have comprehensive coverage in place.

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