Why is the IELTS reading section tough? 

After inquiring the candidates about the most difficult part of the IELTS exam, the experts came to know that the IELTS reading section is the most problematic part of the IELTS exam. For sure, you must have heard about the toughness of the section from those who have experienced taking the exam. Well, after hearing the complaints about the toughness of the IELTS reading section, the question that why the IELTS reading section is tough must have pooped up in your mind. 

It is strange to find that we have read the English language for more than 14 years since the first standard. But still, we lack proficiency in English reading skills and find it hard to make a way to incredible scores in the IELTS reading section. Why it is too tough to achieve incredible scores in the section? What makes the section tough and how can you overcome all the barriers to achieve a wonderful IELTS reading band score? The article is going to deliver each and every answer to your questions. 

Hence, if you are struggling to perform well in the section then, the article will get you a solution. Also, don’t underestimate the guidance delivered by an incredible IELTS Institute in Jalandhar. A brilliant institute with highly-trained professionals can help you overcome all the barriers that stop you from achieving an incredible IELTS band score. 

The reasons that make the IELTS reading section tough

The following pointers will tell you the reasons that make the IELTS reading section tough and the best solutions to perform well in the section. 

A tough vocabulary 

The use of advanced English vocab makes the IELTS reading action quite tough. For sure, the vocabulary that you will in the paragraphs will be quite mind-baffling. We usually read the meanings of the words and that’s all. But that’s not the right way to learn English vocab. When two words come together then, they can impart different meanings. Hence, it is important for you to consider the English phrases to know the exact meanings of the words. 

Prefer a dictionary that articulates the examples along with the exact meanings of the words. Also, make sure to access a paper-format dictionary as this will make your Voacb learning quite easy. Additionally, it is wise to prefer the Oxford Dictionary as the dictionary often states the official meanings of the words. 

Complicated sentence structure

Many candidates lack an understanding of the tough and long sentence structure. We are usually accustomed to reading sentences that contain subject, verb, and object. In fact,  to understand the lines in the comprehensions paragraphs, you must have a basic understanding of the complicated form of the sentence syntax. 

The following pointers will find you the solutions to ace the IELTS reading section: 

To ace the IELTS reading section, the following tips and tricks will offer significant help to you. 

Reading newspaper

The form of the English language that newspaper use is quite relevant to the form of the language that you will find in the comprehension paragraphs. In fact, read a newspaper daily and chose the articles that perfectly align with your interest. 

We are pretty sure that reading even a single article from a newspaper daily will hone your understanding of tough sentence structures. 

Reading the questions before reading the paragraphs 

Reading the questions before reading the paragraphs will save you time. Because this will make you quickly highlight the keywords that you found in the questions. 

Practice retention of the data

Try to retain data in your mind while you read the paragraphs. The better retention of the data in your mind will help you find answers quickly. 

For sure, this means that you have to solve the IELTS reading sample paper rigorously. Solve them daily to get good scores. Moreover, Link with the Best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana to receive top-notch guidance on taking the IELTS exam. 


The pointers mentioned above have clearly illustrated what makes the IELTS reading section tough. Along with that, these pointers have also helped you in finding the best solutions to ace the section with a wonderful band score. 

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