Here’s How to Remodel Your Home for Elderly Parents

Building or remodeling a home for your parents is the dream of every young or middle-aged adult. Unfortunately, very few of us are lucky to fulfill that dream and give comfort to the people who went out of their way to meet our needs.

If you are lucky enough to have this chance, do not waste any moment to capitalize on it. However, it is quite understandable that you won’t know where to start or what to do, to remodel a beautiful haven for your elderly parents.

We have gathered some points that will help you remodel your home for elderly parents.

Cater To Their Needs

One thing to keep in mind is that you’re remodeling your house for your parents and their needs and requirements can be a lot different than yours. Hence, it is essential to critically think and evaluate the things that they would need to provide them with convenience in their old age.

These things may include lower toilet seats, lower beds, wide alleyways, a bench in the shower, or maybe smart furniture if they can operate it.

Brainstorming these ideas would help you remain focused on the things that they need.

Focus On Specific Areas

Focussing more on remodeling those rooms or areas of the house where your parents spend most of their time is a smart idea. Investing in areas where they rarely go can be a waste of time and resources. The key is that the remodeled house benefits them as much as possible.

Focussing on things such as kitchen design, living room furniture, dining table, backyard, or the lawn is a great idea. Elderly people tend to spend most of their time in these areas or interacting with the greenery. Hence, these aspects shall be highly targeted.

Accessibility and Mobility

Elderly people often find it difficult to move around. Therefore, special consideration must be given to their accessibility and mobility when you are remodeling the house.

This can be done by making wider alleyways for their wheelchair to pass, making the furniture lower in height so that they can sit easily, and having a ramp installed at the entrance for their ease.

If you have a double-story house, you should consider pneumatic vacuum elevator installation so that they don’t have to take the stairs.


A lot of your focus has to be on lighting when you are remodeling your home for your elderly parents. With age, their eyesight weakens. Hence, appropriate and adequate lighting shall be installed around the house for their ease.

Special consideration must also be given to natural light coming inside the house. This is because natural light does not disturb the eyes and keeps the place well-lit. Moreover, having a little sunlight coming into the house is healthy for your parents.

When it comes to lighting, the key is neither to overdo it nor underdo it. It shall be just enough for your parents to easily do their activities and move around the house.

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