We are one of the most renowned <a href=”led-strip-lights-manufacturer”>LED strip lights manufacturers</a> who have well equipped manufacturing facilities and dedicated professionalism in developing.\

LED strip light manufacturer

We have been in the industry for over 10 years and we pride ourselves in being the best company specializing in the production of LED strip lights that are customizable at an affordable rate to customers.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility 


LED Strip Lights manufacturer facility of the company consists of forty-five thousand square feet where all high-tech SMT machines, automated production lines, testing equipment and quality control system are installed.

Customizable LED Strip Light Designs


We give our customers the opportunity to select, modify or create LED strip light solutions depending on the clients’ using, illumination requirements, and cost constraints. 

Rigorous Testing and Quality Checks


 Some tests done include the beam angle, lumen decay test, color uniformity test, dead pixel test amongst others to ensure that only the best LED strip lights are supplied to our customers.

Global Safety Standard Compliance


Our manufacturing process and LED strip lights are manufactured under safety certifications such as RoHS, CE, FCC, UL, DLC, among others, to prove our environmental compliance and the safety of our LED strip lights.

Our LED Strip Light Products

We have a full-service in house R & D team which helps to create standard and custom made strip lights considering lumen output temp, brightness level.

Flexible LED Tape Lights 

The LED strip offers versatility and can be bent, cut or spliced for the uniform lighting provided by the high density of SMD LEDs.

Rigid LED Strip Lights

When it comes to linear lighting that can be structurally demanding, we have aluminum channel LED strip lights. Integrated into an elaborate casing, these strips offer durability and a classy look to complement their function.

Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Our LED strip lights for our outdoor and humid environment application are waterproof with IP65 and IP67 ratings. 

RGB/RGBW LED Strip Lights


These strip lights can produce multiple colors and create themes or moods, thanks to the multi-color feature of the LEDs.  

Our Design and Production Process

These are the strips that can be controlled digitally and can also be managed by a specific controller.We employ the state of the art chip on board (COB) lighting technology.  

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Strips

For under kitchen cabinet lighting requirements, they have very slim LED light strips that do not cast any glare. These flexible adhesive tapes enhance visibility of countertop activities.  

Why Choose Us?

This way we are able to manufacture LED strip lights in large quantities but with high quality and standards observed.

Premium Quality

We ensure that the products are of high quality and we only use the best materials and parts to do this we only engage with suppliers who are willing to provide us with quality material.

Custom-built Solutions 

Services include bespoke LED strip light that is designed depending on the size, lumens, color temperature and mounting of the specific customer.


Our automation in production as well as purchasing capabilities ensure that we offer LED strip lights at 20% lower price compared to our counterparts while maintaining quality.


Being an LED strip light manufacturing company that caters to the needs of consumers, we are ever ready to attend to our clients’ questions .

On-time Delivery

Sustainable manufacturing procedures control the inventory and delivery schedules to warrant on time delivery.LED lights with high efficiency for home and industrial use.



The company is a leading LED strip light manufacturer and we possess the ability, capability and facilities to provide standard as well as customized strip lighting to the residential as well as commercial sectors at a low cost. 


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