How To Estimate The NFT Game Development Cost

NFT games are currently one of the most often used kinds of internet gaming. Non-fungible tokens, or NFT, are used in some games as prizes or in-game goods. Being able to earn money while playing makes this distinct game style a popular one. These games also make profitable investments. 

The market for NFT gaming has expanded tremendously, and it will be worth $3200 million in 2022. The elements of the games can increase player retention and drive engagement, making it a successful genre for game producers.

Continue reading to discover about NFT game development and all the elements affecting the price of developing an NFT game. Additionally, be aware of the various elements that might improve such games and increase their value to players.

Let’s Describe – What Is An NFT Game?

On a blockchain, NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles. These items come in a variety of shapes and sizes in NFT games. Skins, characters, clothing, and other stuff can be traded for real money by gamers. The blockchain technology used to create these games supports the in-game economy.

The play-to-earn approach used in NFT games offers a connection between gaming and finance. These games frequently include cryptocurrency backing, which gives the assets more worth in the real world.

Costs Affecting Factors Of NFT Game Development

Numerous features, functionalities, and significant elements might influence how much it costs to produce an NFT game. The following elements should be taken into account while hiring NFT game development services:

Smart Contract Development

Digital contracts known as “smart contracts” are kept on the blockchain. The removal of centralized authority that facilitates transactions is made possible by these smart contracts.

The management of the creation, ownership, and general trade of NFT in-game assets depends heavily on smart contracts. It takes from 40 to 80 hours of work to conceptualize and create these contracts. 

Cost Of Token Minting

To create a token, digital information or digital assets must be converted to cryptocurrency and added to the blockchain. These are kept digitally in a ledger or as files in the distributed database. Depending on the size of the project, the complete token minting procedure takes 20 to 40 hours.

Making Game Assets

The NFT games allow players to genuinely own in-game assets. Such assets cannot be copied or altered since they are kept on a blockchain. Instead of developers, the owners are the gamers. These assets must be made during development by the developers. The cost of development is influenced by both the quantity and complexity of assets.

System For Registration And Authentication

The rare and special things that are traded in the NFT game environment. On the blockchain, each asset is represented by a distinct NFT. To acquire ownership by purchasing or selling the objects, the players must register. Through smart contracts, the ownership history is clear, confirming the validity of the assets. In order to play and take part in NFT games, players must register and verify their identity. It may take between 60 and 100 hours to develop and design the registration and authentication system.

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Game World Design

It consists of the setting, people, objects, sound effects, animations, and so forth. It is yet another key component of the development that raises the interest level of your NFT game. The game world design takes 120–200 development hours to complete, roughly.

Financial Integration

To ensure safe transactions and make it simple for users to purchase NFTs and in-game items using bitcoin or real-world money, secure and flexible payment methods are essential. It takes 40 to 80 hours to integrate the payment system.

Gaming Marketplace

The decentralized market is the foundation of the NFT games. They can obtain the whole ownership history and validate the information. The decentralized marketplace in the NFT gaming environment also gives players the ability to determine pricing, negotiate transactions, and establish a player-driven economy.

Depending on how successfully you diversify the market during the initial development phase, it could take 60 to 100 development hours.

The amount of time required to complete an NFT game relies significantly on the project’s size. 

Choosing A Game Engine

When estimating project costs, the game engine that the game development outsourcing company uses is quite important. It will have an impact on how much each stage of game development costs. Popular gaming engines include Unity, Unreal, GameMaker, and others. To choose the best game development platform, tastes, features, finances, and similar needs must be taken into consideration.

The Development Team’s Size

Less development time may be required for a larger team. On the other side, they are likely to charge more per hour or per project depending on their knowledge and experience.

The Estimated Price For The NFT Game Development

The total development period takes about 540–580 hours, or 10–12 weeks, and the price ranges between $70,000 and $350,000. The NFT game production cost breakdown is influenced by additional elements such as the game development outsourcing company’s location, its branding and reputation, and the importance of the project.

The projected overall cost of developing an NFT game also varies based on the game engine and the development teams involved. Let’s look more closely at the cost projections based on these variables.

Unity NFT Game Development Cost

The Unity Personal Plan is free to use. Small businesses and independent developers occasionally choose this choice. Larger businesses, whose annual revenue exceeded $200K, use Unity Plus, a premium version of the software. Therefore, that will considerably enhance the development of NFT games using Unity.

Unreal NFT Game Development Cost

For NFT game creation, Unreal costs 5% of gross sales, assuming that the game makes more than $1 million. Additionally, until the game makes enough money, you do not need to purchase the complete edition of Unreal. As a result, the initial stage of development has very little overall cost.

In-House NFT Game Development Cost

It would cost money to hire an internal team to create the NFT game. Before development even begins, employing specialists and purchasing the necessary hardware and software adds a considerable upfront cost.

Outsourcing NFT Game Development Cost

A game development outsourcing company can be hired at a relatively low cost because they already have the necessary staff, equipment, and software set up.The price would differ based on where the business is located.

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