Vastu Practical Advice & Tips For Building Healthy Family

When it comes to building construction and design, the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra is unrivalled. It is thought to be a set of rules regulating how things work and the flow of energy in a given area, with the ultimate goal of fostering peace, wealth, and contentment among the locals. In this context, we’ll look at how some basic principles of Vastu design might improve the health of family relationships, tempting you to make quick searches for a good Vastu consultant near me.

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that the success of following Vastu guidelines may differ from person to person. Therefore, getting in touch with a good Vastu consultant service is better.

Location of the Primary Entrance


In Vastu Shastra, the front door is more crucial than any other part of a house. It’s commonly held that a house’s occupants feel a profound effect from the energy that enters via its front door.

Vastu’s front door should face either the north, the east, or the northeast. Positive energy is thought to enter a residence from these directions. Since water is a relaxing and nourishing element, it is a sense that this direction would be connected with water. The east is related to the element of air, which is thought to provide new beginnings and good fortune to those who face it. Earth, the element associated with the northeast direction, is solid and reliable.

Appropriate Location for the Kitchen


It’s widely held that a home’s kitchen significantly affects its occupants’ physical and mental well-being. According to home Vastu experts, the southeast corner of a house is the best spot for a kitchen because fire is thought to originate from that direction. It is considered that this direction will provide vitality and warmth to the cooking space.

Stoves are best kept in the southeast corner of the kitchen, where they are thought to bring the family luck and plenty. It is recommended that the sink be installed facing northwest, as this direction is connected to water and is said to promote clarity and cleanliness.

Preferred Location of the Primary Bedroom


Cultivating a soothing environment in the bedroom is crucial because that’s where we relax for another day’s coming hustle and the hustle and bustle, as suggested by best Vastu experts, dictates that the main bedroom’s location be in the southwest, as this direction is related to the element of earth and is thought to provide a sense of safety and security.

The south and west are considered auspicious, thus, placing the head of the bed there is seen as beneficial. A bed located far from the door and mirrors, which are thought to disrupt the natural flow of good energy, are both things that should be avoided in a bedroom.

A Child’s Bedroom Area


Go for a warm and comforting environment in the kids’ bedroom, as this is one of the most frequented rooms in the house. A child’s bedroom, according to Vastu Shastra, should face northwest, as this orientation is related to air and is thought to offer renewal and optimism to the young occupants of the home.

Place your children’s beds towards the north or west for good fortune. There should be enough fresh air flowing into the children’s bedroom, as this is thought to be beneficial to their health and happiness.

Advice on using Vastu to strengthen relationships in the home:


  • According to Vastu, a bed made of wood will radiate warm energy, whereas a bed made of metal will radiate cold energy. Beds made of wood are the best choice if you want your bedroom to feel cosy and comfortable.


  • The sweet aroma of flowers is a wonderful way to brighten the home. It will also help get rid of any unpleasant odours in the space. Get rid of your fake flower arrangements.


  • Lamps with elaborate shades add a touch of sensuality and beauty to any space. Some people believe that looking at green or blue colours can make them feel happier.


  • Keep the doormat close to the front door. Some people believe that placing a doormat at the entrance to their home can counteract the negative energy that may otherwise enter their dwelling. Shoe mud can be easily removed with the help of a doormat.


  • Put some eye-catching and colourful accents in the foyer. You’ll feel good and joyful when you and your loved ones leave or enter the house.
  • Neither the southwest nor the northwest zone should have any unused trash. Love and closeness amongst family members and romantic partners are strengthened.


  • If you want to keep the peace in your home and relationships, don’t put the washing machine in the southwest or the northwest. The southeast is the churning zone, so that’s where you want to put your washing machine.


  • Alternatively, you can put some red flowers in the home’s southeast corner. It makes your interactions more inviting.

For more tips and advice, don’t hesitate to contact a good Vastu consultant online. In the longer run, you will realise the importance of the tips you have followed.

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